19 Reasons To Love Phil
By Kickntrue on 3/19/09
A lot of people don't like Phil Mickelson (though we found on oob a lot do, too). Here are 19 reasons to love Phil from SI's Michael Bamberger.

For some reason, I've always been in the anti-Phil camp, but after reading through these I've got to admit he's hard not to like.

19 Reasons To Love Phil

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mjaber says:
Phil is just fun to watch play golf.
kidputter says:
I gained a lot of respect for him during the First Fed EX Cup, when he took off because his kids were starting school and one was having her first soccer game. Had he played in the tourney, he would have been the winner of the $10M instead of Tiger. Money is not his driving force. He just loves the game and is really good at it. And he's a LEFTY.
badgolfergreg says:
There are a LOT of great players out there that, because of the press's lust for Tiger, don't get quite the recognition they deserve. Don't get me wrong, Tiger is great and great for golf but the press can't say the word "golf" without somehow weaving Tiger into the story....Look at the photo above. This story is about Phil but look who's in the background of the photo! LOL!
tvwebguy says:
I've always liked Phil. Now I have a few more reasons to like him, plus, he's a baseball fan!
whomsley says:
I am definatly a fan of Phil. I like Tiger but I like Phil's seemingly approachability much better. Even at the CA Championships there was something very human and humble about his win.
player says:
phil is good
aggie0312 says:
I love the one with the $100 and the little kids. Hehehe, that is so adorable!
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