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Are Push Carts Cool?
By Kickntrue on 3/24/09
Are push (formally pull) carts making a comeback? I'll admit, I never used a buggie because I thought they made you look uncool. I got the dual strap for the bag and started hauling. Of course- age and laziness caught up and now I end up riding a cart almost exclusively. Sure- some of that is where I live and the fact that courses almost require it, but carrying a bag around some of these courses isn't even a little appealing, exercise or not.

Golfweek had multiple articles this week about the new wave of push carts and how they can help reduce stress on the back and shoulders as well as speed play. The Junior Golfers Association has finally allowed push carts into the game which makes a lot of sense. Add on the fact that a lot of innovation has been added to the push carts including sleek, light units that fold easily and they start to look pretty good.

I think I'm sold. What do you guys think? Are they "cool" again?

Push Carts Are Cool
A Couple Push Carts

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dpbaxter says:
tburchell says:
Does it matter? Use what works I say.
travelingartist says:
I use one whenever I can. I love to walk and it makes walking so much more enjoyable!
perlguy9 says:
I'd rather walk with my Clicgear 2.0 than ride.
GolfSmith7 says:
I walk between 36 or 54 holes every sunday and my legs are beat. I couldn't imagine doing it without a pull cart.
klangdon says:
I do it because it saves money. You are much more likely to push one of these than walk with clubs on your back and a hundred dollars on a cart pays for itself pretty quick when you stop renting riding carts...
Josh says:
They still make pull-carts and I kind of prefer a pull over a push...

For those of you who say they are not cool, I submit this question to you: If you don't use a pull or push cart when you walk, exactly where do you put your beer?
TheBrownCrayon says:
My beer makes a nice rotation between my hand, the ground near my ball, and my belly.
jeffbnva says:
I think the club you play most often has a lot to do with it. Our course club is 80% walkers. Of those, I'd estimate 75% use a push cart. I was always skeptical and thought they looked geeky. didn't take too many rounds of 7200 yards for me to get one. I'm glad I did. Very convenient. (
kidputter says:
The courses in my area don't charge extra for riding carts so, to speed up the round, I take full advantage of them. I walk 3-5 miles per day, 6 days per week. I don't need to walk on the course for my exercise. I don't mind the guys walking the course because it's usually the foursome in the carts with more beers than clubs that slow play.
svj says:
if they got a cup holder, im sold.. well maybe i will wait until i'm in my 50s... i wouldn't go as far as saying cool, but smart yes...
munk24 says:
there is a study that using them saves 2-3 strokes a nine, even for elite players its around a stroke per nine versus carrying your own bag. Burn about the same calories as carrying your bag. I talked to the researcher and he has measured all kinds of physiological results. In Europe its cool to have a push/pull cart.
dc8ce says:
I use one all of the time. My biggest issue was carrying took a huge toll on my back. Plus I was getting worn out near the end of a round; the high altitude combined with the extra weight was a little too much. I won't be going back to carrying my bag anytime soon.
Les Page says:
Pulled in the 70's/80's, pushed since. Always walk whenever possible. For me it is convenience. My home course many years ago was cart path only, never hit anywhere near the path, walked twice as much.
ToddRobb says:
I've had a hand cart from day one. The person that taught me the game got me started with a hand cart. A few years ago I purchased a remote cart, which is the best of both worlds, walking without pushing or pulling. Even though the $1000 price tag was steep, I never regret buying it.
Kickntrue says:
ToddRobb- that's awesome. I've seen those and they look sweet. I don't think I could ever pony up a grand, but I hear you! I'd agree that walking usually doesn't make you any slower. I find walking directly in a line to your ball much faster- unless you're playing alone with a cart and a wide open course. One thing I've seen pushed lately- personal golf segways. THAT'S the future.
TimmyBede says:
Push carts are great when you don't feel like carrying your own bag. I still use carts from time to time but try to keep it to a minimum.
gsturrock says:
Cool? No. But a great alternative for those of us who like to walk a course.
Rpoole11 says:
I remember being in high school and laughing at the hacks and old guys using a pull cart. Fifteen years later own a Sun Mountain Speed Cart and use it for 90% of my rounds.
mmontanaro says:
You'll pull my Clicgear from my cold, dead hands. Love it. Also love saving between $5 (for a crappy pull cart rental) to $20 (for a ride on cart rental) per round. ROI? One season. Got one for my 11 year old also- he loves it too.
whomsley says:
I live in a fairly hilly section of Pennsylvania and there are some courses that you just need a riding cart. I have been useing my Bag Boy Express 200 for two years now and can't live without it. It didn't make sense to me to carry my bag 7200 yards (between 3 and 4 miles) AND play 18 holes. Saves on energy and strain on the back. You are not conatantly lifting and placing your bag. There is a place for my Gatoraid and cigar so I am set.
Matt F says:
I just purchased a push cart and enjoy the walk. There's only one course around here that I play that I won't use it because when I get to the top of some of the hills, I have to wait to hit my ball. I agree with the cost factor vs renting a I really do need the exercise.

Jake Bogardus says:
Gotta say I used one today in my first time out this year, I don't normally but I hurt my knee playing bball and had to get an mri this week so figured it would be less stressfull to use the push cart and it sucked! I would much rather carry. The things weighed to much, were not that easy to push and suck on hills. Ill be carrying from now on no matter what
Keith1025 says:
I use one 99% of the time I play b/c it increases my enjoyment of the game. I have a Sun Mountain electric cart and just love it.
blackhawk says:
I use a pushcart when I play. After wearing nailbags all week, the last thing I want to do is lug a golfbag around. The 90 degree rule for riding carts slows me down because I'm never near the cart path and I like to be near my ball when I decide what club I want to play. The only place I ride is at River Ridge because it has to 3/4 of a mile from the 13th green to the 14th tee.
BlaqShamrokk says:
Everybody is lazy and rides a cart..I doubt that you see many people buy these..I got rid of my push cart when i turned 11. It's better exercise to walk with my bag on my back..I think it's okay for people of the "elder age" but if your in good health, just carry your bag.
munk24 says:
TeeThom, actually you only burn about 40 more calories per 9 carrying versus pushing, and the stress it puts on your back is a lot more, thats why some organizations are allowing them now, plus the fact that depending on your handicap you will shoot from 1 to 3 shots better per nine on average and isnt that what its all about, shooting a lower score. I actually do all three, carry, push and ride. I will find the study and put the link on here
munk24 says:
Heres a link to the study
tennesseeboy says:
You grab your 5 iron and tell your buddy to take the cart. Then you start wishing you had your 6 iron but it's in your bag on the cart that's 100 yards away. Then you say, "I'll just make do with the 5 iron." Then after the shot you start wishing you were using your push cart. Cool? maybe not. Convenient yes. Good exercise yes.
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