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When Bad Press Releases Happen To Good People
By Kickntrue on 3/25/09
I read a lot of press releases. This one stood out. I don't get what the Butthead Covers sale had to do with the LPGA. I don't get how you make your official legal name Butthead Covers. I don't get how you sell to a company named "Anything Butt." How is there a press release if it was a "confidential agreement?" Put it all together... and you have a brilliant read.

The truth is I guess... I kind of want one. Check out the site linked below- it's kind of awesome.

LPGA event connects business owners as Butthead Covers, Inc. changes hands

GILBERT, AZ - They met at the LPGA Champions Club at Superstition Mountain last year and so it is fortuitous that this year they coincidentally announce the transfer of ownership of Butthead Covers, Inc at the Phoenix LPGA tournament.

Danny and Alice Scott closed a confidential agreement on Monday, March 23 with Chester Burley IV (Chip) and Daniel J Langer (DJ) of Anything Butt, LLC to sell all assets of Butthead Covers Inc., including inventory and intellectual property, to Anything Butt.

It is with mixed emotions that the Scotts exit as owners. In five years they have been very blessed with the successful launch of a humorous product. When you launch a business, it is like your kid. It is hard to give up and so they won't, but rather, will support it as it graduates and grows under the care of two stand up guys with entrepreneurial blood, young energy, creativity, business sense and by all means, the requisite sense of humor.

Designer and son of the Scotts, Michael Schieffer, will continue working with Butthead Covers to design future products and collateral, for it is because of his talent and partnering that the business of Butthead Covers, Inc., became a reality.

The Scotts will work with Burley and Langer to ensure a smooth transition for all customers and partners. Both parties wish to thank past, present and future customers, vendors and media for the best support in business, and both look for great things to continue and new ideas to come with Butthead Covers.

Next up for the Scotts, as they pause to assist aging parents in their twilight years, is a new venture to help college kids launch their careers and help people with great ideas launch successful businesses. They will do this through a new company, EIT -Executives in Transition. "We are all really executives in transition, connecting the dots," said Alice Scott.

Butthead covers, furry, fun and functional, are on sale at the leading golf retail shops as well as online. Cover categories include Through the Woods, Wet and Wild, Exotic, Cats and Dogs, Wings and Stings, Funny Farm, Custom, Corporate, Etc., The Tiny Hiny Line, Bootyful People and the new Butta Bling.

For more information, visit the web site at

Media Contact:
Butthead Covers, Inc.
DJ Langer

EIT-Executives in Transition
Alice Scott 480-209-7955

Chip Burley

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KentDepue says:
Those are really stupid headcovers
kidputter says:
My girl has a frog butt cover from Butthead. It's a novelty, nothing more.
Being from the area, I have had first-hand dealings with the both the old and new owners. Excellent business people and the company is going to do well. Good luck, guys and congrats.
buddy4683 says:
The Scotts were horrible business people who made business decisions by burning a lot of people. They don't know the first thing about running a business and they had to sell this company for financial reasons. They wanted out and we are all better off without them!
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