World Golf Tour Gets Bethpage
By Kickntrue on 3/25/09
I've mentioned the awesomeness of World Golf Tour before. Now it's become more awesome.

WGT is the slickest most realistic golf game you can play- and it's not on a fancy gaming console. It's FREE to play and can all be done from in front of your computer. The graphics are amazing (in HD) and the factors that come into each shot include lie, wind, elevation and more.

Anyway- they've just reached a deal with the USGA to develop Bethpage Black and will host a Virtual US Open this summer. This is especially awesome for me since I've played Bethpage and will be able to relive the memories shot by shot (all 99 of them).

The event will be hosted on the USGA's website and the winner of the whole enchilada will win a trip to next year's US Open at Pebble Beach.

I played this stupid game nonstop for about a month and finally weened myself off it. I guess that goes out the window now. I need to practice.

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