Big Guns In Action This Weekend
By Kickntrue on 3/26/09
Last weekend choosing the NCAA Tourney over golf was easier. This weekend you have to choose against Michelle Wie and Tiger Woods. I'll take Tivo for $200 Alex, with a side of golf highlights.

Still- it's always more fun when the big names are in the field. I must admit I'm actually a little more interested in Wie's performance over Tiger's. Ask me again on Sunday though.

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Arnold Palmer Invitational

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falcon50driver says:
I'd rather watch Wie than tiger any day.
ToddRobb says:
That's a hell of a stretch calling Michelle a "Big Gun"..
kidputter says:
Shouldn't she at least ACCOMPLISH something before being put in Tiger's class?
NCAA this weekend, golf highlights after.
chrisfb1 says:
she is a "Big Gun" from the looks of a female golfer. we need some none fat, none chubby and none men looking female golfers who does not wear everything in pink and plays pink balls.
kidputter says:
You may need that but true golf fans need good golf only. You want eye candy, go to Hooters. I don't care what they wear or what color their ball is. Show me good golf and I'm satisfied.
ToddRobb says:
Tiger: First
Michelle: Tied 57th

Michelle a Big Gun?? I don't think so
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