T Pain Hurt In Golf Cart
By Kickntrue on 3/30/09
Recording artist T-Pain was hurt in a golf cart accident over the weekend leaving him with cuts on his face and four less teeth. For some reason- I can't drum up much sympathy on this one. I just can't imagine he was driving up to his ball in the middle of the fairway and fell out.

If you're unfamiliar with T-Pain... congrats. If you do have the pleasure of enjoying T-Pain's music, I suggest looking at this as an opportunity. You know the 4 teeth will come back gold and maybe he'll create an even odder modulated sound with the extra conductivity in his mouth. Here's to hoping anyway!

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TheBrownCrayon says:
I'm on a boat!
colbymark says:
That's why you always wear your grill while golfing.
Eric Duquene says:
Hopefully that "modulated" sound (if that's what they want to call it, I think it sounds like crap) will phase out soon.
BlaqShamrokk says:
I thought he just drove boats not golf carts
hondolane says:
Lost a couple chicklets huh.. might be a new sound for him... he could even do the "All I want for Christmas" song now.
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