Wie Catches Flack For Following Rules
By Kickntrue on 3/30/09
I was all for hating on Michelle Wie when everything was handed to her. Now that she's earned her way onto the LPGA Tour- can we cut her some slack?

The latest controversy surrounding Wie has flown a bit under the radar but has drawn the ire of media and follow players. There is a rule in place that makes it so a player cannot get to a course to practice too early before an event and have an unfair advantage over the rest of the field. Seems fair enough. So the rule has always been that if you are an LPGA member you cannot practice until the Sunday before tournament week at 5pm. The thing is- when the rules went out this year- the LPGA screwed up and the rules actually read FRIDAY at 5pm.

Michelle mentioned in an interview that she only had time to play 9 holes on Friday (since she couldn't play until after 5) and then the red flags started flying. That's when the LPGA discovered their error.

So Michelle actually read the rules and took advantage of a mistake by the LPGA. The Tour is rushing to fix the mistake and will be sending out a memo immediately, yet Wie is catching flack for this despite the fact that she did nothing wrong.

And don't give me a crap about, "She should've known and respected what it should've been." If Tiger Woods did this everyone would be praising him for an unquenchable work ethic and his ability to find every last minute to practice and get better.

It should be noted that the extra practice didn't seem to give Wie too much of an advantage. She finished a very pedestrian T-57.

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kidputter says:
Rules are rules. She followed the WRITTEN RULES as they were presented to not only her, but EVERY OTHER GOLFER. Don't like her but she is RIGHT. Leave her alone. When they re-write the rule, I'm sure she will adhere. Until then, it's not a story. It's someone trying to create controversy. Her family, agent, and publicists create enough controversy without trying to drum up new stuff.
Let her play golf and leave her alone.
hondolane says:
Even if she were in the wrong.. so what.. your not trying unless your cheating. It is so competitive these days... good for her taking every advantage. I once was a hater, but now... good for her.
rocket531 says:
I read the rule and in fine print it says for LPGA players they can play no sooner than 5pm on Sunday before the event...unless they play the round in a thong and bikini top..(this does not apply to Laura Davies.....she must still wait till Sunday.)
laseranimal says:
good for her

if the rule is written FRIDAY then it means FRIDAY
mmontanaro says:
Yeah, maybe she should have "known" better- but then again, maybe the LPGA should have proofread their rules! You don't get to make mistakes and then, when someone takes advantage of the mistake, tell everyone that they should have known better and therefore they are in violation of the original rule. Nope- don't work that way. Sorry LPGA, can't read your mind. Sorry other players if you didn't pick up on the mistake. Your loss.
El Presidente says:
I won't give her a break until she stops playing PGA TOUR events and sticks to LPGA events!
Kickntrue says:
@El Presidente- I'm with you... but I don't think she's done this in awhile, right? We should assume "break given?"
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