Tiger Has His Own "Gatorade Lady"
By Kickntrue on 3/31/09
At a PGA Tour event there are drinks available on every hole. Those drinks are not good enough for Tiger.
During last weekendGÇÖs events, David Whitley of the ORLANDO SENTINEL noticed a woman with a backpack following Woods all around the course. Was she some infatuated fan who hiked across country just to tail Tiger? No - she was hauling around bottles of Gatorade for Tiger to consume at each hole.

Is such a task really necessary? There were coolers at each tee providing liquid nourishment. But they wouldnGÇÖt have been to TigerGÇÖs liking, for they held Powerade, GatoradeGÇÖs sports drink nemesis. The nerve of those tournament organizers!

Thus TigerGÇÖs need for a Gatorade Lady. Sadly, she couldnGÇÖt even hand her bottles to Tiger directly - all beverage transactions had to go through caddy Steve Williams. To walk around a lengthy course bogged down by bottles & bottles Gatorde, and not even allowed to get up close & personal with Tiger - it doesnGÇÖt seem fair.
What an awesome job to put on your resume.

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ayparekh says:
Well, if they dont provide Gatorade at the course, he has to have his own supply. Thats the case in every sport. Dont understand why this is a "story". I guess the Orlando Sentinel has to have a Tiger section...or maybe I'm naive and Tiger isnt getting any face time in the Media.
klangdon says:
Sounds to me like good marketing dollars spent by Gatorade.
TheBrownCrayon says:
What sucks is that is probably some poor Gatorade intern not getting paid anything.
owenhyne says:
Talk about the most awesome unpaid internship in history (if it is an unpaid intern, which I doubt)! Hiking around a pga course, following the number 1 player in the world en route to his first victory in about 9 months (an come from behind victory no less). How many of us would not only do that internship for free, but would pay a good chunk for the view?
mmontanaro says:
Hey, the guy has a Gatorade sponsorship. I bet the Powerade would LOVE to catch him drinking something else because Gatorade wasn't supplied on the course. THAT would be in their next commercial! And bottles of drinks are heavy! It wouldn't surprise me if Stevie was the one who paid the girl to carry the drinks- probably 20-30 pounds he wouldn't have to carry. Just speculating...
jabba9 says:
doesn't seem fair??!!!... what a bunch of liberal cr*p... i would guess the lady has no complaints... free admission to any golf tourney with tiger attending... if this job was posted, there would be a line of people volunteering.. maybe you should ask her if it's all ok with her, before condemning
jbird899 says:
I love Tiger....bit c'mon! He needs a gatorade girl and him throwing his club on the tee was a little ridiculous too. He is getting a little high maintanace
GolfSmith7 says:
This reminds me of Jordan in the 92 olympics when he draped the american flag over his jump suit because it was made by reebok. Tiger has to be loyal to his endorsements and I bet the girl was happy to be there. I know I would if I had the time and I would do it for free once.
falcon50driver says:
Sheesh, Where's that Gilooly guy when you need him ?
kidputter says:
I guess Stevie has to tip her also.
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