Olympic Golf Plan Is Weak
By Kickntrue on 4/1/09
Whoever is working on getting golf into the Olympics is doing a crappy job. I've said from the start I think if they do have golf in the Olympic Games they need to have a unique team formula that makes the Ryder and President's Cups so special.

Their current proposal calls for a 60 man and a 60 woman event.
The catch is, the fields aren't going to be made up of the best 60 players. A handful of players will come from the top of the rankings, a few from the middle, and, in the name of international diplomacy, a bunch from the bottom.

Olympic fields would be based entirely on the world rankings. (Sorry about that, amateurs.) The top 15 players will automatically be in the field, no matter where they're from. The rest of the 60-player field will be filled by the remaining highest-ranked players whose countries don't already have two players in the field. In other words, there is a limit of two players per country, with an exception for those in the top 15.
If we used current rankings and this proposed setup, only 27 of the top 50 men in the world rankings would make the event.

Maybe golf just isn't an Olympic sport. If it is (and I think it could be) they just need to ditch individual play. I don't think people would complain if the best players weren't there if it were a team game. How about 18 or 22 four-man teams, competing against each other for glory? Then you also have the added benefit of country qualifying a staple of EVERY other Olympic sport. You don't get in with world rankings- you get in when you square off against your own countrymen for those coveted four or six spots. If Tiger gets beat, Tiger gets beat. That's the beauty of how the Olympics work. Michael Phelps may have been amazing in Beijing, but he earned his way there swimming in Omaha.

Full Story- Gary Van Sickle

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mbills1015 says:
Olympic golf in my opinion is weak. Its just like cycling as an Olympic sport, they just finished the tour de france and the same guys are competing again, this time its in Beijing. Its the same guys playing against one another, its just that its at a different venue under the Olympic heading. Leave golf out of the Olympic talk, if anything lets make the Players Championship a 5th major. Lets discuss that...
mjaber says:
I think if golf is going to become an Olympic sport, it needs to be similar to the Ryder Cup. If you want to add an indivisual component, then I think a match play tournament is the way to go. What happens if the Olympics don't coincide with someone's playing schedule, but they are the #1 player in the world? Do they HAVE to play? What happens then?

If the current Ryder cup format is too long, modify it. Make it 9 instead of 18 holes.

This sounds like they are just trying to make another tournament. Unless they want to do something interesting with it, like make everyone play from their opposite side (lefties play righty) for half of each round (in which case I'm picking Mickelson to win the golf), it won't be anything special.
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