More Miked Caddies Please
By Kickntrue on 4/1/09
Those amazing conversations we've been getting between players and caddies- expect more soon.

Players and caddies can't like it- but there is just no denying how much more enjoyable it makes the viewing experience. It could do the same thing to golf that showing hole cards did for poker.

What do you guys think?


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karvoload says:
i think its awesome, how else do we learn from them. just watch them execute isn't even the impressive part of their game. its their golf intelligence that blows me away. thats the best when u know what they're thinking
twood says:
love it!
ToddRobb says:
To be able to hear the conversation between player and caddie would make for great television no doubt, the average golfer would be amazed at the actual thought process that the pros go through before executing a shot. The only problem is it opens up a whole new line of questioning at the end of the round, which is probably why the players and the caddies don't want it. It's probably going to be very selective who actually does it, like they do in the NFL and NBA, if you notice it's never the star player on the team that is "miked up". Even when they let us hear what they say during the time out it's after it's been screened, not live.
HotBacon says:
I've been saying this for a couple years now. I love when you can hear the thought process and how much input the caddy actually supplies to the player during a round. Some stations are getting better at getting their microphones in position, it's just a matter of getting Johnny Miller to shut up for 10 seconds so we can hear what's really going on.
ForeKris says:
it's very cool
Kolt15 says:
Godesy says:
I agree that this would open questions about the players thought processes, but if they feel they are thinking soundly then they wont have any problem answering the media. It could actually let media get answers without having to ask them at the press conference. Definitly right about who will be miked, it will probably be players outside the top 50-75 in the rankings(less to lose and may actaully help lesser knowns get some press.
Snyper says:
Make the caddies wear mikes and tell the media that they aren't allowed to question players about the conversations with thier caddies. If they do, they lose their pass for a year. Problem solved.
whomsley says:
It is a great idea. The amount of info that gaoe back and forth is amazing.

And I agree...someone needs to put a cork in Johnny Miller. He is worse than Joe Buck during the Phillies/Rays series.
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