Makes Being Depressed Educational
By Kickntrue on 4/1/09
I'm going through major golf withdrawal thanks to the awesome [sic] weather we've been having but at least is helping me learn. Maybe I'm behind on this but I'm just finding it- seems to be providing a Golf Quiz which you can now look at while playing with weather reports and radar.

They call it a quiz but you don't really click answers or get a score. Other than that though- not too bad. The questions have to do with rules that are weather related- things like standing water and whatnot. Golf Quiz

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falcon50driver says:
Being a rules official is easy.(1)Determine what is most inconsistant with other known rules (2)Decide what takes the most joy out of the game.
Kickntrue says:
GolfSmith7 says:
FYI I had my computer crash and so did a friend of mine and the person who repaired it said the weather channel desktop application is a gateway to malware and virus. Just letting ya know.
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