Stewart Cink Makes Twitter Worth It
By Kickntrue on 4/3/09
If you're not Twittering... I can't blame you. :) If you're on the fence though- Stewart Cink makes it worth it. He posts messages about the course and his play during practice rounds, as well as before and after real rounds. It's really good stuff. Here are some notes on a round he played at Augusta yesterday.
* FYI when the club rebuilds greens they generally soften the slopes, due to ever-increasing green speeds. This year no different. 17 minutes ago from web

* Overall it appears this year the changes are the fewest in several years. 19 minutes ago from web

* Fifth green changed most significantly, with a totally new pin location on the extreme left of the green. 25 minutes ago from web

* Rebuilt greens: #1, 5, 6. First hole shortened by 7 yards. Seventh hole back tee extended forward for setup flexibility. 27 minutes ago from web
Now if that isn't "inside" golf info worth checking and I'm not sure what is.

Stewart Cink Twitter
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whomsley says:
That is awesome. More info we spectators like to read to get an inside feel of what it is like to be on tour...especially at Augusta...just like the miked pros/caddies.
William Charles Ni says:
I think Stewart has a pretty good grasp of what Twitter is about. I've been following and enjoying him for a couple weeks now.
knoxgoalie says:
his tweets are awesome...i gotta start rooting for him now
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