Who To Root For...?
By Kickntrue on 4/6/09
I thought I was rooting for Sergio so I could win a free driver. Now Rory McIlroy seems okay too.

In a welcome copy-cat move GolfVacationsIreland.com is going to give away $100k to a lucky winner IF Rory wins in Augusta. I'd be happy to have someone get behind just about any contender so I'm assured to get SOMETHING.

This one is a bit more of a longshot, but I guess a good effort nonetheless. Rory has to win- then I'd still have to win. I think I'm still rooting for Sergio... but that doesn't mean I'm not entering this too.

When is someone going to get behind Tiger?

Enter Here

[UPDATE- Stupid sexy fine print. Why can't people pitch a "real" contest without being all dumb. You are actually entering to win about $20k in value you can use towards a vacation. The $100k number is because they are giving away multiple trips. Still worth entering- but nearly as cool as winning $100k.]

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klangdon says:
They are being a little sly here. Its $100k in vacation value accross a bunch of users. I think the biggest prize is like $19k in vacaction value, no cash.
HotBacon says:
Flanders would have noticed the fine print before posting ;).
golfgirl says:
Are you really for Sergio? ...Awesome.
klangdon says:
He is only for Sergio, because TaylorMade is giving away free drivers if he wins.
pat kelly says:
Hey thanks. I did not know there were some great comps. I'll try the Golf Vacations Ireland one as I don't need to spend a few hundred dollars on a new driver in the hope Sergio might win!
klangdon says:
pat, you didn't have to buy the driver, you could just mail in survey as well.
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