Join Addict To Win Bridgestone J36 Irons
By Kickntrue on 4/6/09
** Contest Over **

All oobgolf Addicts will have an automatic chance to win an $800 set of Bridgestone irons.

Look- we're not trying to twist your arm to join [that's a lie], but here is an incentive in case you're on the fence on joining Addict. We have a brand-new set of Bridgestone J36 Combo Irons (3-PW) worth $800 that we're giving away on Monday, April 27th. Our review of the irons is coming soon- but I can assure you they rule (learn more here). Anyone who signs up to be an Addict by Sunday, April 26th will be eligible to win.

Because we legally have to- you can win the irons without buying Addict. Fill out this survey and mail it to us, postmarked no later than April 20th, 2009.

This is just the first of many prizes Addicts will have an automatic chance to win.

** Giveaway is open to all legal US residents 21 years or older. No purchase necessary. To enter with no purchase please fill out this survey and mail to: oobgolf, j36 combo irons, 5083 Westbranch Hwy, Lewisburg, PA 17837. All entries must be postmarked by by April 20, 2009. A winner will be announced on April 27, 2009 on Tax expenses are not included. You have the right to refuse the prize. In case of prize refusal a series of new entrants will be picked until the prize is accepted. Odds of winning based on number of entries.

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Eddy Whitaker says:
pick me...i've never won anything on here
matt314hew says:
If all entries are supposed to be postmarked by April 20, how can you announce a winner on the 17th? Just wondering. I am really thinking of joining Addicts. Might be fun to have some new stats to keep. Good job on the site guys.
Kickntrue says:
Because I'm an idiot! :) It's fixed now- and was correct in the story. April 27- not 17.

You SHOULD join- you get a sweet STAR like I have on your profile.
theredmission says:
What about us lefties?
Kickntrue says:
Addict works the same for lefties and righties! :) (Sign up/Win/We'll figure something out)
JWHpurist says:
It might be interesting to post a mailing address for those who wish to mail you a copy of your survey. This could be as much fun as $5 Nassau's at Fox Hills or Rancho with Charlie Sifford many years ago! Perhaps my vintage blades are superior to those Bridgestones. JWHpurist
Ben Crane says:
and mail to: oobgolf, j36 combo irons, 5083 Westbranch Hwy, Lewisburg, PA 17837. I scheduled your appt. to the optometrist.
komega19 says:
Sweet.. then I could sell my new Clevelands
Mattlite says:
I don't really care about the extra stats, but 12 bucks a year for this amazing site, no problem.
unknown1111 says:
then i could get rid of my 1980 clubs
Kickntrue says:
@LF Golf... WOW.. maybe its worth the $12 to get Addict and get in this giveaway!
perlguy9 says:
I agree with Mattlite. $12 is well worth it to support the site and get a shot to win!
Nethmonkey says:
go go Ben Hogan Radials!
BobAnk says:
will there be monthly give-aways?
Logs34 says:
pick me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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