I Almost Want DirectTV
By Kickntrue on 4/6/09
I love my Verizon FIOS but DirectTV does have amazing sports in HD, including a great special offering for the Masters this week.
DIRECTV brings you the storied Masters with unprecedented coverage from the Augusta National Golf Club. Enjoy three channels, each with multiple cameras and its own announcing team, in addition to the CBS coverage, as well as a MASTERS MIX CHANNEL that lets you see all four on one screen. Keep tabs on all the action with interactive scores and updates you can call up at the touch of a button. Plus, enjoy DIRECTV on DEMANDGÇáGÇá programs to round out your Masters experience.
I've always said, "you know what's better than one channel? Four channels." I've got to admit- this would be pretty sweet, especially if you're a non-Tiger fan. It may be your only chance to see anyone BUT Tiger take a shot- especially if he happens to be in contention.

Between offerings like this- along with NFL Sunday Ticket- DirectTV makes a good case to be in every sports fans' house.

The Masters Experience

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ForeKris says:
now THAT's an Addict feature!
jhs545 says:
AT&T Uverse is also going to have special Masters coverage. They have 3 new channels that are going to show live coverage of Amen Corner, the 15th and 16th, and "Extras" (whatever that means), respectively. The channel guide says it's free to all Uverse subscribers, and there are HD feeds too.

I believe this is going to be available online via CBS.com or whatever the Masters website is also.
Ward says:
yup, the att uverse has this too
cyzfitz says:
These channels are also available online for free at masters.com.
Les Page says:
I have been with FIOS for a year, not one loss of transmission. Switched from DirectTV. Lost transmission more times than I can count. I'll stick with FIOS and the Internet for all sports coverage.
DeepRough says:
Love my DirecTV!
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