Sgt. Slaughter
WrestleMania Golf Roundup
By Kickntrue on 4/7/09
WWE held it's 25th WrestleMania on Sunday. The Friday before- they were on the golf course. I'm not a Wrestling fan (though apparantly my wife is, don't ask) but I still enjoyed this story from the Houston Chronicle's Ken Hoffman. A few of my favorites from the story:
Sgt. Slaughter, the Marine drill instructor, showed up wearing a camouflage golf hat (the old-style that Payne Stewart used to wear), khaki golf pants and combat boots with golf spikes.

GÇ£This stuff isnGÇÖt easy to find,GÇ¥ he laughed. GÇ£You have to have courage to wear camouflage golf clothes.GÇ¥

The biggest spectacle at WWE golf day, in more ways than one, was the Big Show GÇö all 7 feet and 441 pounds of him.

He didnGÇÖt exactly have a delicate touch with his short irons. On one hole, he was about 50 yards from the green and hit a 9-iron. When he was done, he was about 100 yards from the green, on the other side.

Strangely, no one laughed.

GÇ£I embarrass myself every night by wearing spandex in the ring. So I donGÇÖt mind embarrassing myself out here GÇö at least IGÇÖm wearing normal clothes. To me, golf is like making love. You donGÇÖt have to be any good at it to enjoy it.GÇ¥
I couldn't have said it better Mr. Big Show. ... Mr. Big Show? Did I get that right? Please don't kill me!

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falcon50driver says:
If that, so called wrestling, crap, was going on in my front yard, I wouldn't open the blinds to watch it.
Jc Perez says:
I guess Mr. Merlin doesn't watch TV, because wrestling is like any other show it has its drama and action. It's just as real as 24, the unit, or any other show on TV. The only thing on TV that's unscripted and is real is sports
falcon50driver says:
You are correct, I watch very little TV. To quote Pink Floyd... "13 channels of s**t on the TV, to choose from."
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