When Foosball Isn't Enough
By Kickntrue on 4/7/09

I guess some famous guy made this so it's awesome...? It only costs $3,900 Euros which translates to something like $3,000,000 US.
Discover GÇÿBaby-GolfGÇÖ (GÇÿLe Golf in Priv+¬GÇÖ), a friendly game that will seduce Golfers and incite others to meet up on the GÇÿgreenGÇÖ. An original and design creation from sculptor/designer Hubert Priv+¬ to play Golf with your friends without leaving your living-room. Be assured of the actual feel, as you hit the balls with real club heads.

The rule of the game, both fun and simple yet refined, will help you to discover the obstacles of a real green.
I'm all for selling something as "art," but seriously? You're going to sell this as a way to get more familiar with the realism of golf?

Full Site- Including Video

Any takers?!

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Mookie says:
Not me. I've got a real foosball table. Got it for Christmas a few years back.
knoxgoalie says:
this is easily the coolest thing i've ever seen.
Kickntrue says:
@knoxgoalie -really? Coolest thing EVER? A bit pricey at over $5k.
falcon50driver says:
Only 5 grand ? Heck, I'm gittin me two of em...
Mbrooks says:
Pay a little more and get Golden Tee. It is closer than this to golf!
knoxgoalie says:
a bit pricey? i don't have 1/10 of that in my bank account (just a struggling musician/college student here) but the video of it looks like it would be worth it hhaha..
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