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Zelda + Urban Golf = Ghetto Golf
By Kickntrue on 4/14/09
There isn't too much selection in the world of golf video games (at least compared to say, 1st person shooters) but I'm still not sure I buy "Ghetto Golf" finding a market. The makers are describing it as
"Golf, ghetto violence, and Zelda-like exploration"
Hmmm.. I guess that could work. I'd be more sold on "Grand Theft Auto with Golf Clubs."

90's R & B singer Raphael Saadiq (of Tony! Toni! Tone!) is behind the game and is inspired by his Oakland childhood golf experiences.

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unosuave says:
gangsta ass golfers will bust you in the rough with a nine...iron
theredmission says:
lol thats hilarious. im organizing my first urban golf outing ever this summer...should be interesting
PingRhoda says: it really comming down to game makers mixing up sports and GTA? I'm really at a loss of words for this. Unosuave. that's hilarious
JWHpurist says:
This "is out of bounds!" Would I be permitted to carry my Browning HiPower with 4 mags along with my 14 clubs on this course during each round? Is there much blood in the bunkers and rough? If you "Whip the Homies" you fight your way out of the 19th Hole!! JWHpurist
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