Perry... On a better day.
Kenny Perry- Hero In Defeat?
By Kickntrue on 4/14/09
I've seen a lot of storylines around Kenny Perry being humble in defeat. I'm not sure I like it. I'm all for someone being self-aware and knowing the situation at hand, but I feel like Perry has blown through self-aware on the way to self-wallowing pity.
"Great players make it happen, and your average players don't. And so that's the way it is." - Kenny Perry
I like that he congratulated Angel Cabrera. I love that he didn't whine like Baby Sergio. I wish that he would've said something about coming back from this, a bounce back effort or sorts. He came across to me like a guy giving up.

One thing is for sure- after this weekend, I don't see how we can't all be rooting for him.

Perry Poise In Defeat

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bducharm says:
Kenny Perry is a true sportsman and gentleman! You CAN compete and be poised and humble at the same time. Kenny does that every time he tees it up! I too, am rooting for Kenny!
klangdon says:
I think you gotta factor age into the equation. I don't think you can expect him to honestly say "something about coming back from this". NOBODY has ever won a major at his age. No matter how competitive you are there is going to be a voice in you head saying last Sunday was your last chance.
IanDayre says:
My impression was not that Kenny Perry bogeyed the last two holes because he was nervous. I watched every hole from 9 on, watching him hit perfect drive after perfect drive, on the green, 2 putt par, on to the next. I think that when he hit his tee shot on 16 to about six inches for birdie and a two shot lead, he relaxed. Emotionally the tournament was over to him, and the air went out of the balloon. In any sport it's very difficult to get it back when that happens. No excuse, but in my opinion if he had only parred 16, he pars the last two and puts on that green jacket.
J.C. says:
I don't think the air went out of his balloon. I think he got nervous. He realized that all he had to do was par the next 2 holes and he had the green jacket. It became too much and he wasn't able to finish it off.

But, Perry is a true gentleman and a sportsman. Kids should be watching the way he handled this instead of the way some of the other guys act.
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