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By Kickntrue on 4/14/09
The poll question for Tuesday gave a choice of handicap improvement or world peace. 70% of you chose your golf game.

Add in the fact that another 11% wanted a hole-in-one and only 18% of you said you'd give the world peace for the sake of your golf game.


Poll Results - So Sad...

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kidputter says:
Unfair correlation.

Golf and peace can't be compared. People in general voted for their golf game because world peace is a thing that has never been and probably never be attained.
georgelohr says:
I disagree with the "unfair correlation". It wasn't meant to be a correlation, just a vote for one of three choices. I voted for world peace. For the record I have a GHIN handicap of 35.7...try adding 10 more. I'll take world peace or some form of mutual human exceptance. Max my handicap, it cannot get much worse.
golfgirl says:
Sorry, but it's a dumb question. One that doesn't even merit a response IMHO.
Tim Horan says:
Perhaps we should supply golf clubs to these countries not guns!
Kickntrue says:
@golfgirl... yet you DID respond! Haha. This post was for fun... not to be taken as some offensive punch to the gut of oob users. Online polls aren't exactly scientific, plus I think witha gun to your head (ironic huh?), most would choose peace.
Jake Bogardus says:
@golfgirl...if you call something dumb, and say stuff like that it doesn't merit a response, it is no longer a HUMBLE opinion. IMHO
golfgirl says:
Ok then, IMNSHO.
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