Danny Lee Now Accepting Money
By Kickntrue on 4/15/09
In a move that should surprise nobody- young Danny Lee has turned pro becoming the next in a line of young golf studs with major potential.

Lee is 18 and is the current U.S. Amateur champion. He stayed an amateur long enough to get a taste of Augusta National and the Masters. Lee is South Korean but was raised in New Zealand. He's expected to play both European and US PGA Tours.

I know there is a lot of Rory McIlroy talk- and Ryo Ishikawa love, but for some reason I like Lee's chances the best. This is all just a hunch of course and if my fantasy baseball record is any indicator, you should quickly go put all your money on Ryo or Rory.


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golfgirl says:
Danny Lee is cute and funny, 1,ooo,ooo times awesomer than Rory McIlroy. IMNSHO. Ryo is cool too.
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