Bob Harig Is A Lucky Man
By Kickntrue on 4/16/09
A few lucky reporters get to play Augusta National the day after The Masters. ESPN's Bob Harig breaks down the experience.
At the par-5 second, I managed to get my third shot on the green, but I was a good 40 feet from the pin (all the hole locations were the same as Sunday). If I were on my own, I might have played about 5 feet of left to right break. It just didn't appear to be much more severe than that. Ian got a good chuckle, then pointed to a spot on the green that was at least 20 feet to the left of where I would have aimed.

I somehow got the putt to roll in the vicinity of where he told me, and sure enough, it almost went in and I had a tap-in for par.
Who else is jealous?

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Kolt15 says:
GolfSmith7 says:
Me too!
bducharm says:
Lucky does not begin to explain it - raining or not!!!
HotBacon says:
I may be having a bout of dejavu here, but I knew how this article read before I even opened the link...right down to the caddy pointing out an ungodly invisible break. Maybe they pulled up an old article and modernized it, or there isn't all that much to write about after playing Augusta.

That being said, I'd die to have a chance to go find out for myself.
twood says:
Too bad it rained on him... but still, an AWESOME experience.
Kickntrue says:
@hotbacon- Byline says its new. Maybe you have ESP(n).
golfdude528 says:
I hate him. That has got to be one of the greatest experiences he will ever have in his life.
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