Real Fantasy Golf
Do You Play Fantasy Golf?
By Snyper on 6/6/09
Is it just me, or does fantasy golf suck?

I spend 3 hours a day on my two baseball teams. I spend 3 days a week on my football team. Heck- I even spend 20 minutes on my basketball and hockey teams.

So why can I not spend 30 seconds on fantasy golf?

Does anyone play, and if so, what's the attraction? It just doesn't seem right not to hold a draft and limiting the amount of times you can play someone. The whole appeal of fantasy sports to me is "getting" your guy on your team, to be yours for the season. Probably the same reason I can't get into Fantasy NASCAR, I know [sic] to pick Danica.

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hansenaaron says:
ESPN has a good game, but over the last couple years they cut it down to just the majors. It's 4 person best ball. You pick 4 players and your score is their lowest on the hole. If you could do that over a season instead of Yahoo's pick 4 only 10 times a year it would be much more fun.
nobaddays says:
have u tried cbs sports, you get to pick from whoever is scheduled in that tournament, so you can have the same people on your team if they play every week, they also have every tournement.
jerdman says:
I do Yahoo's. Its easy to keep track of if baseball is the only sport in season. I don't really get into it, I just play as many fantasy sports just to do it. But nothing beats football.
komega19 says:
F Golf is pretty sucky... Dare I say, it's almost as bad as NASCAR.
mmontanaro says:
I think fantasy golf is great, whichever version of it you participate in, because it forces you to become familiar with other golfers, their abilities and stats, and follow them over the weekend. The Yahoo game forces you to at least check your team each night and change players if needed. So to do well you **have** to follow the tournament and the players- and that's the fun part. I know lots of golf "fans" who only watch on Sunday and have no idea who Kenny Perry is. I challenge that they are really "fans." I also do not think you can compare it to team fantasy games like baseball/football- you're comparing apples to oranges. The nice thing about golf is that the fantasy games uses actual results, not perceived results based on stats in pretend games.
rxman says:
try They have a decent fantasy golf page.
mjaber says:
I've never been a fan of fantasy sports in general. I have a hard time with people who will root for a particular player, even when playing against their favorite team. I'm involved in a "pick'em" pool for the 4 majors where you select the order of finish (top 10). Points are assigned based on the golfers you select and their actual order of finish vs. where you picked them to finish.

I've done the same type of pool for football the last couple of years. Pick which team will win the game. Doesn't involve worrying about the spread, either. Simply pick the winner of each game. He who picks the most winners that week, and overall, wins. Even runs right up to the Super Bowl. More points for picking the winner, so each game has approximately the same value.
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