Garbage Bets For The Weekend
By Snyper on 4/17/09
Need a little extra action on the course this weekend? Check out some of these rarer garbage bets. Many of you are probably familir with "Greenies" or "Sandies" but I found a couple new ones I liked.
Seves - You win the hole by scoring par and NEVER hitting a fairway.

Watsons - A chip into the hole from off the green wins the bet, regardless of the score.

Muncipals - Making par on a hole while you are playing on the adjacent fairway.

Nicklauses - Played on each par-four or par-five. Winner strikes the longest drive that remains in the fairway on each hole.

Froggies - Skipping a shot across a water hazard and keeping it in play.
I have some friends I play with who'd probably love to do some of these purposely just to make my debt worse. I could probably hold my own on "Muni's." As far as a "real game" bet, I like Watson's.

Do you guys have any others?

Terrible "Looking" Site - but some fun stuff.

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Jake Bogardus says:
How about one like making par after hitting a tree, a la Angel Cabrera.
Ben Crane says:
Sergios - you win the hole by complaining the most about how the hole is setup unfair
Kickntrue says:
@ben crane- ZING.

@jake- i think that's already called something...
kidputter says:
How about a DALY?
Tee off a beer can and play shirtless until the staff, OR your opponents make you put it back on.
JWHpurist says:
A Hazard: First player in the group to put their ball in a water hazard pays green fees for all the other players! JWHpurist
yomonk1 says:
Isnt the tree play called a "Barkie"?
mantajim says:
"Penials" - making par with a penalty stroke
jpdunlop says:
Jail-birdie: Making birdie by playing the wrong ball from the fairway.
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