California Doesn't Need LPGA
By Kickntrue on 4/17/09
Remember that "English Only" policy the LPGA tried to implement in the offseason? Califonia is still talking about it.
SACRAMENTO (AP) -- The California Senate has voted to make it illegal to hold events that require participants to speak English in a move prompted by the LPGA Tour's English-only proposal.

The women's golf tour wanted last year to require its players to speak English so they could talk with each other and the media, and give acceptance speeches in English.

The LPGA backed off the plan after Senator Leland Yee and others criticized it as discriminatory.

Yee says the proposal insulted women, minorities and immigrants, and might disqualify the best golfers.

Her bill makes such policies illegal in California without a "business necessity." It was approved on Thursday by 21-14 without debate.

The measure now heads to the Assembly.
I love California for this reason, but I'm glad I don't pay my taxes to the state. I think I'd be bothered by the amount of useless legislation they spend their time with.

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sindigo says:
The state is in debt to its eyeballs and this is their senate's priority. Nice. I also assume they pass legislation prohibiting events solely in other languages as well? They will...right? No?? What a surprise.
JWHpurist says:
Ah So! Reminds me of what went down relative to Charlie Sifford in this state about 50 years ago. Golf must maintain a broad overview in order to grow the sport! This has been the case in SoCal golf, in which I became engaged in over 50 years ago, and has created positive results in this game and made it a greater pleasure! JWHpurist
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