Some ladies' nights are great!
No Boys Allowed
By Kickntrue on 4/17/09
I wish I would have caught this sooner but last night was Ladies' Night at Golfsmith stores. For two hours from 6-8pm at every GolfSmith location, only women were allowed in.

We had at least one user who had money burning in his pocket ready to spend who got turned away at the doors (Story). Seems pretty crazy to actually turn people away. I mean- when bars have ladies' night its to even out the party a bit, not cut the men out. I wonder if they turned more people away than they let in? THAT would be fun to know.

I'd love to hear from any ladies we have out there (all 2 of you). You like the special treatment? I'm curious to know if it would even bring more ladies out. I guess I could see a lady being more hesitant to get in the hitting bays and demo clubs, but I think that fear would be more for any beginner golfer, not because she's a lady.

Ladies' Night @ Golfmsith

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golfdude528 says:
Just another reason I shop elsewhere now. Getting women involved is no doubt a great benefit to the sport but to close down just for them? I can't imagine that they would make enough money in all of their stores to justify it. But in this economy, I guess you have to do what you have to do.
HotBacon says:
They do the same thing at Excitement Video in Reading...or so the radio advertisement says ;). I always wondered if they manage to make any sales at all in that time frame.
Kickntrue says:
@hotbacon... I'm afraid to ask... what is "excitement video?"
Changed out says:
Speaking of Ladies and golf does anyone else feel like their dream job is to caddy for Natalie Gulbis, how do I get that gig?
PingRhoda says:
lol, i hear ya there
Mookie says:
Aw come on. You can stand to stay out of Golfsmith for two hours, cantcha? Hell, I've never been there even once, so it's fine with me.
kidputter says:
If it's in Reading, it should be LACK OF EXCITEMENT VIDEO.
aggie0312 says:
As a girl who plays golf, I enjoy the special treatment only from a true gentleman golfer. I just prefer to run away from those who are not. Once, I was playing on a course and had left a wedge back on the previous hole. I ran back and asked a group of guys if they had seen a club. One guy goes, "I didn't see a club, but here's a ball. In fact, you can have my ball if you want."

A note to all men: Politeness is a turn on.
TheBrownCrayon says:
Wait, I thought girls liked guys that were d-bags...movies and tv have me all turned around.
JWHpurist says:
Did Golf Girl attend one of these "Enchanting Yard Sales"? JWHpurist
mjaber says:
Perhaps instead of closing the store to men, they should have offer deep discounts on their women's clubs, or to women making a purchase. If their sales people work on commission, I'm sure they were unhappy with the situation.
golfgirl says:
Enchanting Yard Sales :o)

No, I would have liked to but I was otherwise occupied that evening. I heard from a guy on Twitter that they got a good turnout at his branch. (he lurked outside and observed). The thing is there are plenty of women who actually are intimidated by golf shopping. Those gals would probably benifit from a night like this.
hansenaaron says:
I also did not know about "ladies night". I showed up to buy a new Spin Milled Vokey while they were on sale. I got to the door, they pointed to the sign. I asked if I could just purchase a club as I knew what I wanted. They said nope. I saw 5 workers and 1 lady in the store. I hope it was better before and after I was there.
mmontanaro says:
Anything that brings more women into golf is a good thing. I think they should also have a kid's day- accompanied by a parent, only purchasing stuff for their kids (no, your 8-year old does NOT need a new Vokey wedge!). I wonder if they also had women's day on their web site? Probably not...
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