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Mickelson Tells Padres No
By Kickntrue on 4/18/09
The San Diego Padres offered Phil Mickelson part ownership. He said no. I've seen the Padres play recently, I can't blame him.

Interesting though. Phil is a big baseball fan and the Pads are the hometown team. I wonder if a more appealing team (money making) came knocking if he'd bite. I'd love to see the Mickelson/Cuban tandem making a run for the Cubbies.


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knoxgoalie says:
they're 9-4...but i get what you are goin for haha
Jake Bogardus says:
anyone know how much he was going to own. IDK how much Phil is worth but I can't imagine he could buy a huge share in a baseball franchise
JWHpurist says:
Perhaps Tom Werner wanted Phil to act in a sitcom with Rosanne Barr and that would be his fee. He might do better in that venue than on the Golf Course! JWHpurist
Kickntrue says:
I guess it depends on how much of an investment and risk would want to take on versus his entire portfolio- but he could buy a huge chunk of a team like the Padres if offered. I'm spitballing but if the Cubs are worth $1B, the Pads can't be worth more than $500M. I'd guess Phil could buy 1/2 of that if he wanted to put all his eggs in one basket. Not smart (maybe), but I think he could swing it.
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