Brian Gay Dominates
By Kickntrue on 4/19/09
Everyone likes a close Sunday finish. Brian Gay decided "everyone" can just be bored. He won the Verizon Heritage Classic by 10 strokes this weekend, earning himself over a million dollars and securing a spot for himself at next year's Masters.

He also broke the scoring record for the event finishing at -20.

I always think a runaway domination like this is amazing. It really doesn't happen very often and to beat the whole field by 10 strokes really says something. It's one thing when everyone if -20 fighting for the lead, but the fact that just one person ran away with the event, doubling the efforts of even 2nd place- is truly awesome.

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JWHpurist says:
His "Superior Performance" in this tournament indicates that he is a force to be reckonded with in the future! He has "paid his dues and learned his lessons" over the "Long Pull" and deserves any and all accolades for this exceptional achievement!! JWHpurist
Jake Bogardus says:
Good outing. He even matched his outfit to his last name. Solid
Godesy says:
Classic Jake, love it!
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