Rory Turns Down PGA Tour
By Kickntrue on 4/20/09
Most people when offered a chance to join the PGA Tour as a full-time member would jump for joy. Rory McIlroy is not most people.

In special circumstances when a player has not met full-time status on the PGA Tour but is on pace to, the Tour will offer a special memebership granting those priviledges for the rest of a current year. Since Rory is not a memeber of the PGA Tour he cannot play any event he wants. He either has to qualify by world ranking or use a sponsor exemption.

Rory though, does not want to commit to playing the required 15 events in the US this season. He said from the beginning he wanted to play 10-11 times in the US and make the European Tour his home for the time being.

I respect Rory a lot for not taking the cheap bait. Sure the US Tour is more high-profile but he can get into almost any event he wants to play right now (who wouldn't offer him an exemption?) and he'll probably do better playing on his home soil for a couple years anyway.

It must be nice though to be offered a golden ticket and turn it down for the gold bars you have sitting at home.

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whomsley says:
It must be nice, but he worked for it and deserves everything he gets. We know he will be playing golf for the rest of his life. Props to him for wanting to hone his skills on the European Tour then come over here to the PGA.
Godesy says:
I have seen this work for alot of guys including Poulter and Adam Scott. The European tour will test you in ways the PGA tour does not and usually provides young talent the competition that is close to the level on the PGA Tour. Plus from all accounts the comraderie of players over there helps a young player adjust to life as a pro. Good luck to Rory, we should see him plenty if he makes all of the big events.
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