Weird Little Event
By Kickntrue on 4/20/09
A "weird little wind event" caused a golf cart to flip over onto two golfers trapping them, during their round this weekend.
National Weather Service meteorologist Joe Villani says the dry, sunny conditions could have led to the formation of a "dust devil." He says they can have "enough velocity to move things."
I don't know where to even go with this. For the record- the men were okay and continued playing their round after being rescued, so I feel okay about making a joke here... I'm just not sure where to go with it.


I can't help but think if I saw this I would've laughed uncontrollably (after seeing if they were okay). How did they actually get trapped under the thing to the point where they couldn't crawl out? WHERE ARE THE PICTURES?!

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Jake Bogardus says:
lol, ya how do you get trapped in something that has no doors. Just crawl out. But, little side story, I was actually in a little "dust devil" once at our local baseball field. We were taking some bp and this thing came through like a mini tornado. It was probably the coolest thing I've ever seen. And of course being 16 year old idiots we were running in it and letting it take our hats and stuff. Pretty powerful little thing, maybe 30 feet high and swirling just like a tornado. It was sweet
mjaber says:
If it was flipped over onto them, wouldn't they have been trapped and pinned uner the roof, making it impossible to climb out without being able to lift the cart?
lazorbeam says:
If it flipped over enough to trap them in it, I can only imagine what that did to their clubs. How did they continue?
Kickntrue says:
@lazorbeam... you're right. Something very fishy about this story- and good call on thinking about the clubs. Pretty big omission from the story!
JWHpurist says:
If the picture is accurate, the clubs would have become "Garbage" and if these "guys hadn't been drunk & half asleep they could have rolled out the side and done a "parachute landing fall with sholder roll" as the unit upended to get the heck away. Would they have stayed in it if it was headed over a 300' cliff to the ocean and rocks below at say Rancho Palos Verdes? Their ride was "Fun" but not as much fun as going over the wall at Ascot Park in a Sprint Car (End over End once & roll twice), unstrap climb out and have a "good laugh" and go out and play golf the next day! JWHpurist
kidputter says:
I play in AZ and we have dust devils and high winds a lot here. I've played in 50 mph winds. I've NEVER seen wind here strong enough to flip a cart with 2 adults in it. Story seems too farfetched for me.
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