Bigger Crybaby... Colin Or Sergio?
By Kickntrue on 4/21/09
We all know Sergio can whine, but Colin Montgomerie is proving he's been around longer and can cry harder.

Sergio's most recent outburst was due to stinking it up at Augusta, complaining about a course setup that every other pro loved and praised.

Montgomerie was caught on camera yelling at media and patrons as he sulked around the course in China calling the country, "an emerging nation golf-wise." True or not- he looked weak.

So- who do you like in a Whine-Off- Sergio or Montgomerie?

Montgomerie Cries

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ToddRobb says:
I'm already on record for saying Sergio will be the next Colin.
Godesy says:
Who cares, these guys will never win a major and seem only to be able to make a put in the ryder cup.
Jim_Smallwood_Jr. says:
This is not even a question. Monty is the biggest Whiner that ever lived. To be nice is to say Monty has "rabbit ears" when in actuality he realizes he can't compete at this level on his own. Granted he is great in the Ryder Cup and President's Cup but those are team events, he simply can't stand on his own. He realizes he can not compete on his own, not having a team to save him so he blames his inadaquacies on exhuberant fans. Monty is nowhere near as good as he thinks he is. Let's ask ourselves how have these two faired in the states? The top competition to find. Sergio is a consistent top ten finisher and won the Players last year and wanna be Monty has won, how many US tourneys?
Kickntrue says:
I'm not a huge fan of Montgomerie- but for a little balance...

Colin does have 40 Career Worldwide Wins, an Amazing Ryder Cup record, Six Top-3 finishes in US Majors and over $6M career earnings on PGA Tour (without ever being a member of it). He's not exactly a failure.
falcon50driver says:
Unless you look at how much he resembles Mrs. Doubtfire.
karvoload says:
they both are dissapointments. just imagine thinking ur gonna be the next big thing, everyone thinks ur gonna be the next big thing, and neverrrrrrrrr win a major. that's be the same as if rory mc came out and laid an egg over the next 20 years. that what these guys have done. jokes! dam marinos of golf
laseranimal says:
as Monty goes this really doesn't rank with his all time great whines

I think he's right on with regards to emerging countries and golf, their media's don't understand the game yet so you get people taking photos during backswings, not standing while people are putting etc.

In this case we're shooting the messenger because he's Monty, if someone like Paddy or Ernie had said it albeit with a touch more diplomacy we would have nodded our heads and said, he's absolutely right.

Sergio is a pure whiner plain and simple
EvilMaggot says:
The bigger cry baby without a doubt is Sergio. But what does their golf game have to do with who is a bigger cry baby ? Nobody asked who was the better or worse golfer. But I did enjoy reading everyone's posts.
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