Should Women Pay Less To Play?
By Kickntrue on 4/21/09
Here's an interesting idea proposed by GolfWorld's Brandon Tucker, women play less of the course so why not pay 20% less?
"Female golfersGÇÖ green fees shouldnGÇÖt be the same as men. They should get a discount.

The first reason is simple and rational. How long of a golf course do they play compared to the Y-Chromosome? Men play 6,000-7,000 yards of golf. Women play 4,500-5,500 yards. They see less course, so let them pay a little less. I say 10-20% off is a pretty fair deal for everyone involved.

The second reason is a little sexist, but itGÇÖs often true. Women spend more money in the golf shop than men (especially on a golf vacation), getting those pretty visors and sweater vests. What they spend off the course will make up for what they are discounted on it.

Women also donGÇÖt spray the ball into other fairways and houses, endangering other players and causing lawsuits to the golf course. And they sure never drive golf carts recklessly and damage them."
These comments should be interesting. Have it it!

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AbsoluteZero says:
This flies in the face of feminism. If women want equal pay, equal rights, equal respect, they can pay equal rates at the course.
Godesy says:
I would normally say let them pay the same but with a wife and a daughter that will be playing lots of golf, I will take the discount.
mjaber says:
I don't play from the "champion tees" on any courses... Does that mean I should pay less than the guys playing from the tees all the way back?

Wouldn't this also limit women to playing only from the women's tees? If she pays 20% less, and then decides she's long enough to play from the front "men's" tees, isn't she now cheating the golf course out of money?

How about we stop calling them "women's" tees, and call them the "front" tees, since I'm sure some younger beginning players use them.
klangdon says:
mjaber, im with you on the labeling of tees as "ladies", "senior" etc. courses need to drop labels like that if they want people playing at the right level and keeping pace.
PingRhoda says:
I agree with AbsoluteZero. I'm always hearing that women want to be treated equally. So this should also apply to recreation activities.
jerdman says:
What a great way to promote crossdressing on the golf course. Then I could wear a skirt and sleeveless polo for a discount. I even have a misissued drivers license that says F under sex, haha. I'm all for it.
Snyper says:
Ok, the idea that women spend more in proshops than men is the most insane thing I have ever heard. Men are responsible for easily over 95% of proshop purchases. I am a little disappointed that such a stupid suggestion is even getting face time on the site.

The last thing that you are going to see are golf courses reaching out to women by lowering rates. We all know the feeling of showing up for our tee time only to see a foursome of ladies in front of us. If anything, they should pay more because of the amount of time they spend on the course! If we paid on a yardage/minute basis, most ladies couldn't afford to play the front nine!

Sorry ladies, I love ya, but you know it's true.
Kickntrue says:
@All Ladies- Feel free to Private Message Mr. Snyper for a chance to be considered possible dating material. What a catch!
The Full Monty says:
This argument is completely ridiculous on more levels than I can list.

It is no different than saying a 30 handicapper should pay more than a 10 handicapper because of the amount of strokes taken on the course.
kidputter says:
Distance should have no bearing on the fees. 4500 yards and 100 strokes. 6500 yards and 80 strokes. Time on the course is the same. Fee is THE SAME.
Discounts for seniors, I agree. Discounts for juniors, I agree. Discounts for adult women, I disagree.
Jippy says:
This idea is ridiculous, even though it would definitely benefit me! People (not just women) play from shorter tees because they can't hit as far or are beginners or seniors, not because they're consciously wanting to "play less course". Regardless of what tee you're playing from, you're still playing the entire hole, and you should pay full price. Seniors and kids get discounts because golf courses are utilizing price discrimination (crash course in econ!) to get more money out of people who might not be willing to play as much otherwise. If anything, some courses might consider discounting prices for women at certain off-peak times to coax more women out on the course. This is purely for the fact that the sport is undeniably dominated by men, and there's a lot of potential market to capture out there.

Basically, if you're going to give discounts, do it for the correct reason!
karvoload says:
have all of you lost ur mind? do you even know what golf stands for? Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidin. and i didn't make that up. i believe the scotts did. girls should only be aloud to play sunday afternoons. i dont know about you, but i play for a lot of money on the course, and if i get stuck behind a group with a girl, i get a bad attitude right off the bat!!! that's why i rarely play if i'm not first off the box. girls and golf dont mix. i'm not talking pros, im talking ur ave women. stick to par 3's. 15 bucks max anyways
Tim Horan says:
The ice is too thin here to comment - I'm a whimp!
birdieXris says:
I'm down with all arguments here. You know... if you were to play the front tees, maybe you should pay less ---- however, there would have to be some way of enforcing it so people aren't cheating the club out of money. Secondly -- i think anything they can do to get more women on a golf course is fine with me. Damn it's like a sausage party out there!!!

But yea, for real.. the idea of having cheaper rates for someone JUST because they're female, etc isn't really fair. You're all playing the same course for presumably the same amount of time. There's too many variables to deal with when you talk about different tees being different costs. You'd have to have an enforcer at every hole anyway and have some sort of stamp or something to tell that person where to go. Oh dont forget.... if one demographic is paying less then the revenue must be made up somewhere. I'm totally not paying another 10% just to play golf. Courses around here are too much as it is.
DHall says:
I am not aware of any rule that states a woman must play from the ladies tees. It is a matter of choice what "percentage" of a course any golfer chooses to play. As well, the potential cosmetic damage done to a course is entirely equal regardless of gender. The additional yardage some men play is mostly through the air. At any rate green fees are set to maximize the overall golf experience for all golfers. Lets all pay equal fees and keep are courses beautiful.
kidputter says:
They call it golf because all the other 4-letter words were taken.
I play with my girl regularly. We don't slow up the course in ANY fashion. She shoots around 100 and I shoot around 90. I have found that the slower players are people like KARVALOAD that get choked up and take FOREVER because they are playing for large sums of money or players that play from the wrong tees.
I followed a group the other day who chose to play from the tips. AVG drive was under 200 yards. None of them should have been playing from there. Discounting mulligans, OB and gimmes, none of them broke 110. All of them were men. I choose my tee by the group I'm playing with. I drive 220-250 but pace of play is very good from either tee box.
tennesseeboy says:
The amount you pay should be based on what tees you play, your handicap, and how much you weight (heavy people do more damage to the grass).
sperry says:
Women belong on the course, all over it. They should be at every tee box with a cooler and a change box serving up all of the High Life I can handle. If having them pay less up front promotes that idea, I'm all for it.
aggie0312 says:
Golf is a sport that's dominated by men. Discounted fees at certain times could be given to encourage more women to play golf. Sometimes, I feel that the chauvinism I experienced and observed at some golf courses is a little too much for me to stomach.

However, the reasons given above are quite ridiculous. Although, I would greatly benefit from the resulting discounts!! :)
Crash Kowalski says:
Anyone who plays slow should pay more. A lot more.
jnich22 says:
Ill play the red tees for a discount.
notyourdata says:
I'm going to say "nay!" Regardless of how much less "grass" they see while they're walking, they may still end up taking just the same amount of time to finish a course.
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