How A Scribe Crashed The Masters Party
By Kickntrue on 4/22/09
Press is not allowed in Butler Cabin for the Masters' afterparty. Here's a cool story about getting the story. I'm probably going to screw something up with my links and making sure the right people get credit for what- but here goes.

Basically Alan Shipnuck who writes for Sports Illustrated and Golf did a story on Angel Cabrera a couple years ago after winning the US Open. He visited Cabrera's home country of Argentina and his story is regarded as one of the best if not the best reporting on Cabrera to date. On that trip Shipnuck worked with a translator from SI who quickly bonded with Cabrera. Since then, the translator, Luis Fernando Llosa, was laid off by SI.

When Cabrera was in contention at the Masters, Shipnuck called Llosa who now freelances and wanted him to fly down in case Cabrera won. Llosa agreed and quickly met up with all of his old buddies, friends of Cabrera he met from his earlier reporting trip. Cabrera wins and becuase Llosa is unknown he sneaks right into the afterparty with the whole gang and Shipnuck ends up with another great insider story.

And to be fair- I learned about all of this from Geoff Shackelford's Blog.

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