The Fan That Ruined Chad Campbell
By Kickntrue on 4/23/09
This story is a bit far fetched, but interesting nonetheless. It asserts that Chad Campbell's perfect opening round was ruined by a fan, and that's why he lost the Masters.
Campbell prepared to putt. Suddenly, into the silence, from the bank of spectators came a loud voice: "COME ON, CHAD. LET'S GET IT TO 10, BABY!" And just like that, the moment was lost, the mood was broken, the magic flew away. Campbell barely two-putted. He hooked his drive into the pines on 17 and bogeyed, then bogeyed 18 as well. In the end Campbell produced a rarity GÇö a disappointing 65 at Augusta National.
If this story happened on SUNDAY I'd buy into a bit more, but to claim it was because he lost strokes on Thursday... I dunno.

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Kolt15 says:
god i hate drunk guys like that its stupid but i dont think thats why he lost
kidputter says:
If Campbell can't handle THAT, he doesn't deserve to win anyway.
bwalder says:
Why can't they just throw idiots like that out of the course? Along with anyone who shouts "Get in the hole!" at any point - time they cracked down on this crap
AbsoluteZero says:
they can throw guys like that out... unfortunately they don't.
PingRhoda says:
i think it's a bit far fetched for him to have lost because of that. However, if someone does interupt the players in play with their unecessary outburts...and the idiots shouting after EVERY tee shot "Get in the Hole" they should be thrown out.
Patrick Ahasic says:
Pro golfers, or any other golfer, should be able to play throuigh adversity including people talking or other distractions. In my opinion, Campbell is just being a sore loser because he can't cope with blowing a huge, sustained lead for four days.
JWHpurist says:
A "First Class Professional" has to learn to ignore deleterious noise and comments around them and maintain intense focus on the "Game At Hand". Until that person achieves that level of development, they will be "An Also Ran"!! JWHpurist
birdieXris says:
i was playing with a guy yesterday who wasn't very good. We were in a group and he would wait until cars passed by, golf carts were stopped, every little thing you could think of, then he would roll one off the tee.
I, myself, don't care for distractions and they rarely bother me unless they're really loud and right next to me, but the article has a point. That point --- there's an etiquette in sports. You don't jinx people like that. You don't let players know what's going on . you never "What if" in sports. It's just not done. In events where guys grow playoff beards, don't shower, don't change their socks, Use a certain ball mark, only play a certain ball --- all of that --- it just shouldnt' happen. Its' not happy gilmore and being drunk at a golf event is no reason. Personally i think they should start throwing those people out of the event when they do that. If you can hear it on one hole, odds are you can hear it on another.
birdieXris says:
(cont'd) This has nothing to do with being a "first class professional" or being a good golfer, it's just proper etiquette. These guys are playing a game where one stroke may be worth $200,000. They should have the benefit of a nice, quiet round with applause when warranted and silence when necessary.
on the more specific topic --- yea if it would have been sunday it would have been more believable and chad should just suck it up -- but i see what he's talking about.
ToddRobb says:
From the article it doesn't seem like Chad was the one that actually said that was the reason he didn't win. The guy said the crowd was with him and he said "Yeah, I heard 'em."
Godesy says:
Chad has alwys let his clubs do the talking. This time he came up short but I agree that i dont think Chad is blaming the guy for losing. At least I have not seen any comments he made suggesting this was the case. he merely stated that he heard the comment from the gallery
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