Is Golf HOF A Joke?
By Kickntrue on 4/23/09
Jose Maria Olazabal and Lanny Wadkins will be inducted into the World Golf Hall-of-Fame. I've been saying this for some time, but since Jason Sobel has an E-S-P-N beside his name I'll let him explain.
Olazabal, on the other hand, is another matter. Though he's been a full-timer on the European Tour since 1986, Ollie will turn just 43 next Saturday and -- injuries notwithstanding -- still has plenty of competitive golf left to play in his career. For proof, we need only look back to Sunday, when he finished in a share of sixth place at the Verizon Heritage.

Doesn't exactly sound like a player who's ready to hang up the soft spikes while waxing poetic about the good ol' days, does it?
In most sports (all others) reaching the Hall is an honor bestowed upon you when you're playing days are over. So why are guys like Vijay Singh already in? It's a joke. Plus- the idea that numbers dictate automatic entry for some- and then others need to be voted in just seems bizarre.

It's not that these guys don't deserve it- it's that they should be given the honor in 20 years.

Jason Sobel- ESPN

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Matt Otskey says:
Well, if we're puting Jose Maria Olazabal and Vijay in before they're retired. Why the hell isn't Tiger not in? Isn't it a world-wide consensus that he is either the best of second best player of all time?

It is a joke.
HotBacon says:
Not to be a pain in the arse spellchecker, but his name is LANNNY Wadkins (like my dad) and not LENNY.
Rhino says:
Lannny? The irony...
HotBacon says:
Ironic indeed.
thetalentedmrripley says:
ToddRobb says:
I always wondered how they could put someone in the hall of fame while they were still playing, I first noticed it years ago with Nancy Lopez. I say wait until they're finished playing like other sports.
falcon50driver says:
Just exactly who is doing the spell checking on this site, LANNNY?
Jim_Smallwood_Jr. says:
Maybe it's just my aging but I do agree the golf HOF is a joke but I feel all the major sports' halls are so watered down the award is almost insignificant. I agree with Matt Otskey, the way the golf HOF operates Tiger should not only be already inducted he should have his own wing. Personaly I'm not a big Tiger fan but my understanding of any HOF superiority gets you in.
alongiron says:
I like the why that the LPGA makes you qualify for the HOF. Alot better way to do it.
Kickntrue says:
@alongiron - I personally disagree. You can't judge a career by just wins/finishes/majors. Under the LPGA's rules, John Daly would be a HOF. Other sports can't do numbers based because of different situations (steriods, dead ball era, etc). Golf is the same. Phil could be 2nd greatest golfer ever (he's not IMHO) but we wouldn't know it. I think living HOF's should have a vote along with selected press. Who'd know better than the guys already in if someone belongs in the club?
ToddRobb says:
I just took a look at their website, it is a joke. How do you put Curtis Strange in the same building as Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson???

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