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Global Warming - It's About Time
By Kickntrue on 4/24/09
For anyone in the Northeastern USA I think you can agree when I say, "It's about time." After weekend after weekend of bad weekend weather and generally coldish weekdays, I'm happy to report global warming has kicked in (thank goodness, I was starting to think Al Gore was just a bloated windbag). This weekend- we're skipping spring and moving straight to summer.

I'm officially declaring today the nicest day of the year to-date. Tomorrow is actually going to be almost too warm at near 90 in the Washington, DC, area. Looking at the nation's radar it looks good all over, except for a couple spots still getting snow (what is THAT about?).

In honor of it being the nicest day of the year- I'm letting you skip out of work earlier to play 9 or get to the range. If your boss has any problems with that- have him write me an email. I'll take care of it!

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jerdman says:
Its fantastic out. I've been waiting too long to get my golfers tan back.
mjaber says:
I wish I could get out this weekend, instead of packing and moving.
PingRhoda says:
i tried to get out on my lunch break to the driving range by my work. Unforunatly the place was shut down at that time due to some event that was going on.
klangdon says:
golfers tan = white left hand and dark tan right
kidputter says:
White sunglass marks, 1 white hand, white feet up to the ankle. Golf in the summer is FABULOUS. Personally, my tan is like that year round. Arizona is great.
onedollarwed says:
Global Warming not what you think!
It's not about warmer weather. In fact you could get colder weather. The earth's atmosphere as a whole has gotten slightly warmer. Depending on where you are this can mean many things: more storms/ rain/ snow, more drought, different populations of bugs at different times of year, rising sea levels - if you're close to sea level (very slight). What global warming really means in practical terms - and has already meant for many people around the world - is climate/ seasonal shifts. For a few decades now storms/ sea level changes have displaced millions of people from there homes, farms. This leads to collapses of insurance industires, and puts human life more at the brink. Katrina is an obvious example for Americans. How can a government survive well without an insurance industry. What you end up with is deplorable conditions.
It is certainly not a joking matter, and 99.9% of people who talk about it are clueless. Even meteorologists are not well informed.
onedollarwed says:
Increased snowfall will help northern NE courses - preventing frost damage. How are the black flies up in Maine?
sperry says:
here's to two great days i was able to get out on the course. my golf burn is in full affect, anyone have any aloe...
kregan says:
I see someone has hogged all the Koolaid.
jbird899 says:
It was great all weekend, sunday was actually (dare I say) too hot! I mean I would like to have some Spring before I go back to sweating on the course.
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