Obama Changes Golf Shoes In Parking Lot
By Kickntrue on 4/27/09
So much for Commander-in-Chief! President Barack Obama went golfing at The Courses at Andrews Air Force Base and had to change his shoes in the parking lot. Doesn't he technically run that course, or something? I mean- a regular old weekend warrior like myself always changes shoes in the parking lot but you'd think he'd have clubhouse access.

Maybe all this "hope" talk is real.

On another note, it doesn't look like Obama's entered his weekend's score into oobgolf yet... what's the deal with that?!


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ayparekh says:
Personally, I would prefer Obama (or any president for that matter) golf in pants...shorts??? Come On!
gavint2 says:
I was at andrews yesterday when this happened he shook my hand after sinking his long put on hole 18 at Andrews AFB South course.
Kickntrue says:
@gavint2- awesome!

@ayparekh- pants? It was 86 degrees yesterday in DC. Why would he wear pants?
birdieXris says:
he puts his golf shoes on awkwardly balancing on his seat/ bumper just like the rest of us. LOL
theredmission says:
forget the sitting down balancing act...I take the stork route and put them on using the bumper on my suv
Cvoegler25 says:
our president has some chicken legs.
tigerwoodsfrank says:
hes just a regular old guy just like the rest of us................
JWHpurist says:
Must have been a "Fine Round of Golf" with 5 caddies along "packing serious heat" for the forest animals and/or malcontents. JWHpurist
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