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LPGA Needs Viewers
By Kickntrue on 4/28/09
The LPGA had one of its most exciting finishes in a long time with its top two players going head-to-head, not that anyone saw it. Lorena Ochoa held on to defeat Suzann Pettersen by 1 stroke at the Corona Championship. If I'm mistaken, the event wasn't even available on tv (am I wrong and just missed it?).

Is there anything the LPGA can do to get you to watch or is it a lost cause?

Corona Wrapup

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HotBacon says:
You are correct, it was not available on TV. I thought TGC was supposed to carry the LPGA events, but apparently they were scared of the flu and didn't bother this week.

My gripe is that the telecasts of the LPGA are such low rent that it's no fun to watch...it has nothing to do w/ the talent. Half the time the cameras aren't HD, or are very low quality HD, and the announcers are boring. I'd gladly switch between the LPGA and the PGA on a Sunday afternoon if the telecast quality was comparable.
possingk says:
Advertise if it is on TV might help, I knew it was close and would have watched it just like I did the Men's tourney, I love close tournaments, doesn't matter to me if it is Men or Women just give me golf and let me see one player just one four putt like I did yesterday twice and I am happy.
SingleDigits says:
Hey, Michelle Wie got a T10!
birdieXris says:
I love me some LPGA action. I'm just never home when it's on tv. I love watching all golf, who am I kidding?! LOL
jbird899 says:
I just cant watch it. I even have trouble watching a mens tourney with out some big name pros. I would rather be playing then watching.
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