Thailand Golfer Has Best Name EVER
By Kickntrue on 4/28/09
Did you guys hear who won the Ballantine's Championship over the weekend in South Korea? No? It was Thailand's Thongchai Jaidee.

There is officially a new leader in the clubhouse for my first child's name. I hope it's a boy! I think it's key to have a name you can draw or make a logo for. I've taken my best shot.

It shouldn't go unnoticed either that Thongchai is a good golfer too. The event featured Ernie Els and Fred Couples (as well as Kang Wook-soon which is now my 3rd favorite name).

Thongchai Wins

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falcon50driver says:
I'll bet your wife is real proud that you're showing her underwear on the internet. Or is that yours?
Ben Crane says:
I don't know about this guy, but I'd watch the LPGA events more if they had a player named Maggie Doubledee
jbird899 says:
So vaguely related the article...the beer cart girl had her thong hanging out today and it totally threw me off my game. Doubled two holes in a row after that.
Sodasai says:
The first part of his name is actually pronounced "tallng", which I think means gold. Southeast asia was once french colonized so everything is written out in french.
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