Cink's wife Lisa Tweets too.
Media Twits On Cink's Tweets
By Kickntrue on 4/29/09
The media can't seem to grasp the fact that Stuart Cink Tweets on Twitter. Oh my gosh, could there actually be a real human being "behind" the golfer?!

Beyond the media trying to comprehend all of this Twitter buzz though, is one important truth, we are getting to learn more about Stewart than we could any other way. His personality is showing and it does earn him more fans. I'd expect to see more golf and other athlete accounts coming soon, which I'd imagine will pretty much ruin the concept. Someone like Cink can be real, and be himself. Can you imagine the corporate bull that will be Tiger Woods' account? Yet, because of his name, he'll have more followers and the people who really want access to their heroes will already be on to the next hot site.

Interview With Cink on Twitter

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whomsley says:
The thing I like about Cink's Twitter is that it is actually him. Many celebrity Twitter accounts are run by assistants and interns. I don't follow nor am I a member of Twitter.
TimmyBede says:
I like Stu ever since he beat Garcia in the final round of the Ryder cup 3 years ago. He's a tough compeditor.
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