How Safe Is A Golf Cart?
By Kickntrue on 4/29/09
Even the NY Times is realizing how dangerous a golf cart can be.

It's pretty crazy to hear all of the stories and crazy things that happen on what a lot of golfers consider a toy.
People dump carts in golf course ponds with stupendous regularity, and they submerge them deep enough that the police and heavy-duty tow trucks have to be summoned. One golfer outside San Jose, Calif., nearly drowned when he tried to swim to shore with his golf bag around his neck.
Would you jump in the lake to save a guy who is drowning himself for some ProV1's?

The article is worth reading just to see the most common accidents like rolling a cart over or throwing someone out on a quick turn. I think I've seen or heard a first person account of a situation where all of these things have happened.

NY Times

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whomsley says:
I threw my fiance, now wife, out of a cart in Punta Cana, DR. I had just picked her up and we were turning back to get her ball. I cut the wheel hard to the left and at that split second she adjusted in her seat. The end result was her flying, literally, out of the cart, arms forward like Superman, roughly 8 feet from where the cart was and skidded 3 feet to a stop in the fairway, face down. I jumped out of the cart while it was still circling to go and get her. She had grass stains from neck to knees. I heard a few cracks when she landed. There were 3 - 4 months of chiropractic work to fix what I had done. That was the absolute worst feeling.
Kickntrue says:
... and she still married you. Unreal!
whomsley says:
Unreal to say the least.
kidputter says:
None of these incidents are the cart's fault. They are all due to human irresponsibility. I'm guilty of it also, but I try to create CONTROLLED mayhem.
jbird899 says:
I did the exact smae thing to my dad. Except he flew out like Superman and pulled a pretty amazing roll out of it.

When I was younger and really stupid my cousin and I use to drive down hills when it was wet out, throw on the brakes and spin the wheel so we would do 360s down the hill. Seemed like a good idea at the time.
Shankapotamus says:
A friend of mine accidentally drove his dad's brand new golf cart off the end of a pier and into a lake at night. It took six guys moving it a few feet at a time underwater for about 100 yards to get it back to land and unfortunately I was one of them. After some minor repairs it worked again and nobody was hurt. It's funny now but believe me, at the time, it was no laughing matter.
JWHpurist says:
It causes me great amusement to read these stories about individuals that lack, common sense, maturity, respect for the vehicle, and exhibit borderline intellect when operating a peice of equipment with potential dangers! Firearms are no more dangerous than golf carts, but kidputter would never have one in his hands around me because I permit no mayhem to continue in my presence!! Let us enjoy life in a pleasant relaxed manner. JWHpurist
Jsoeken says:
My Grandfather was a bit of a golfer when I was growing up and had his own electric golf cart that worked great for about 3 to 4 years. But we started to notice the cart would not make it through 18 holes of golf. Well the first thing we were thinking was to change the batteries. Well the real problem was the cables were corroding and my grandfather actually electricuted his right leg pretty good. But the golf has had some minor issues of brakes failing, accellerator sticking, and the ever present 10 year old little brother driving into a tree. I beleive that golf carts are only as safe as the person behind the wheel.
PingRhoda says:
i'd like to see how many of these injuries had some alcohol involved. Pretty interesting though. I have a friend who modified the motor on his. Top speed now is about 50. I'd hate to roll outa that sucker.
TheBrownCrayon says:
I was playing in best ball tourney in Austin and the carts had a regulator on them, so when going down a hill you couldn't get the cart up very fast. Well we had a bit of a drive so I was slouching in the passenger seat with my feet up on the dash(is it a dash?). Well we are going down a hill and the driver of the cart (nicknamed Big Dumb Justin...I really should have seen this coming), expected the regulator to kick in and slow us down instead of doing what every normal human being would do, and ride the breaks. So we get to the bottom of the hill and he cranks the wheel to the side as I am propelled from the cart to rolling along a fantastic stretch of rock and hard dirt.

You all are right, it's funny now, but then...totally sucked.
JWHpurist says:
Also for Kidputter; If he wants real chaos & Mayhem, try running in a "World Of Outlaws" sprint car main event, a "real bag of laughs." Been there, Done that, & Lived to talk about it, but don't need to do it anymore!! Makes golf carts seem like "Slotcars". JWHpurist
kidputter says:
Why have I been singled out in this thread? My CONTROLLED mayhem consists of skidding to a stop and occasionally driving over a curb or two.
I've been associated with firearms and race cars. A bit extreme, don't you think?
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