Sean O'Hair Wins; Tiger A Loser
By Kickntrue on 5/3/09
Sean O'Hair won the Quail Hallow Championship by a stroke Sunday in tough conditions. Oh- and David Feherty wants to make sure you know that Tiger's a loser (did anyone else think that was a bit much?).

O'Hair bogied the last two holes but it was enough to hang on to beat Bubba Watson and Lucas Glover by a stroke each, and Tiger by two.

I love the course this week. Birdies all over the place and then the finishing holes are just BRUTAL. It's great to hear the roars and the ability to score but I think the finishing holes being impossible is also essential for a great finish.

Final Leaderboard

** Update- Video of Tiger Interview HERE. **

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ToddRobb says:
I thought it was pretty funny that he called Tiger a loser, he seemed like he was a good sport about it. Plus, it was true (for today).
Edgewood says:
Wow! 2 bogies on the last two holes and still won? Wow I wish I could do that.
Jippy says:
Calling Tiger a loser 3 times in the same breath? I was surprised he took it so well!

Kind of was hoping for a playoff, but ah well.
aggie0312 says:
I think Tiger took it really well, as I was so surprised Feherty could even string Tiger and loser in the same sentence. It just shows what a great sport Tiger is though. I can't wait to see him play again.
chipotle mg says:
quite the leprechaun that feherty
kidputter says:
After the first round, Tiger WAS a loser. So were all the others who finished behind O'Hair. I thought it was in poor taste to single him out.
I also thought it was in bad taste for CBS to say at the beginning of the telecast that all golfers were CHASING TIGER WOODS. At that time, he was 2 STROKES BACK of the leader.
saintsman says:
i was laughing so hard when he called him a loser it was so great
JWHpurist says:
Woods took the affront like the gentleman he is and chuckeled to himself, thinking, "Well Shanty Man let's see what happens next!!" He did not whine like Garcia and understands that he is human, just like the rest of us and is subject to preformances less than perfect at times!! This experience will be a stimulus for higher level performances in the future. He also finished higher than "Phil", who makes me want to puke, relative to his "intellectual BS"!! JWHpurist
ToddRobb says:
The interesting thing is that Tiger is the only one out there that he could have said that to as a joke, EVERYONE else could have taken offense to it and gotten mad. Could you imagine if he would have said that to Sergio?
whomsley says:
I will start off by saying congrats to Sean O'Hair. He played well, including the two bogies on 17 & 18 on Sunday. I am happy to see a person from West Chester, PA make a name for himself.
As for Tiger being called a "loser". I was suprised that he took it so well. There was a story posted here, I think, about his interviews after the Masters and how impersonal he was. Rightly so, I know how I am with myself after a bad roung.
Do you think his publicist got a hold of him and told him to just roll with the punches? He is a good sport, and after his time off, knows that he too is only human. This is the start of a new Tiger, only to get better.
Backquak says:
Thats the difference between Tiger and the rest of the field, Tiger thinks if he doesn't win 1st, he lost. The rest think,"I placed in the top 10, yippy!" So Feherty just said what Tiger was thinking anyway, and thats why he is number 1.
PingRhoda says:
Tiger even said it himself if I'm not mistaken. I think the quote was "I'm not even the 1st loser" I was kinda shocked but got a good laugh as to how well he took it.
falcon50driver says:
Sean O'Hair won the tournament for pete's sake. Did anybody notice that fact. All anybody wants to talk about is Tiger this and Tiger that. Talk about wanting to Puke.
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