The round inflating white belt.
Phil's White Belt Curse
By Kickntrue on 5/4/09
This is just silly fun. When Phil Mickelson wears his (fill in adjective for bad here) white belt in tournament play he is MUCH worse. The stats prove it.
In five of those rounds the cursed belt was worn, only once was he able to break par -- at Poppy Hills in Round 2 of the AT&T -- for a stroke average of +1.8 compared to a -1.2 season average and -2.3 in dark belt rounds.
I'm sure Callaway is making him wear it. Maybe they should stop.

Also- and maybe I'm saying this as a bigger dude, but a lot of people are saying how terrible it makes him look and how bad his body is. I know Phil has a history of up and down weight gain, but so far in 2009, he's keeping the weight off and looks good. I'd imagine he'd put to shame about 85% of the bodies of people that call him flabby.
Quail Hollow White Belt Update


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TheBrownCrayon says:
It's so bright it draws your eyes right to his waistline (no I don't feel gay for typing that). And as a fellow chunker, the last thing I need is people staring at my love-handles.
bducharm says:
Fat guys (like me) should not wear white belts!!!
kidputter says:
Have we stooped to criticizing fashions on this site?
Kickntrue says:
@kidputter - "stooped"? I thought we've been there all along! I don't think "this site" is bad on the fashion. I think it was just interesting to point out that his stats show he has played worse with the white belt.
kidputter says:
What do the stats show regarding the color of his socks?
Rick Parsons says:
I'm wondering if pink might be his color, given the color fashion a few players had this last weekend. I think Phil is playing very well considering his past few years. All players have their up and downs and it's truly funny seeing the spin some commentators use to break up the monotony.
JWHpurist says:
His sister probably told him to wear it because it was " NEW AGE PROPER FASHION" and enhance his image!! JWHpurist
JWHpurist says:
He also needs to borrow a belt buckle from Anthony Kim for a "True High Fashion Statement." JWHpurist
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