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Payne Stewart - 10 Years Ago
By Kickntrue on 5/4/09
It's been almost 10 years since Payne Stewart tragically died in a plane crash. By far one of the saddest golf stories ever. For those too young or who need a refresher:
It was Oct. 25, 1999, and Payne Stewart had left his home outside Orlando, Fla., to fly by private plane to Dallas. Known as much for his traditional knickers and tam-o'-shanter as his championship resume, the flamboyant Stewart, 42, had won the U.S. Open for the second time only four months earlier.

Shortly after takeoff, however, the Learjet's cabin lost air pressure and all aboard -- Stewart and five others -- were incapacitated, presumed dead. Set on autopilot, the plane flew on for four hours, Air Force jets shadowing it to see if anyone on board was alive but finding only frosted windows -- consistent with the loss of air pressure -- and no visible signs of movement inside.

Chris Hamilton, a pilot dispatched by the Air Force to investigate, later told ESPN, "It was like a 'Twilight Zone.' "

Finally, after traveling about 1,400 miles, the ghost plane ran out of fuel and crashed into a South Dakota pasture.
It would certainly be tragic for anyone, but especially for someone as beloved as Stewart. He was one of the guys everyone seemed to like and while nobody speaks unkind of the dead, I challenge you to find a single negative thing written about Stewart from when he was alive.

I can still remember vividly the tribute the following week where many players went out in Payne's signature knickers and cap.

At any rate- his son is now a freshman at his alma mater, Southern Methodist University, where he plays golf. Until his father's death, Aaron Stewart had zero interest in golf, his father never pressuring him or giving him a single lesson. Since he didn't start playing until much later than most, his mechanics and finesse are a bit behind, but it seems the talent is there. Hopefully more than just a smooth swing is genetic, and Aaron is a class act. I know he's the kind of person I'd want my kids rooting for.

LA Times - Aaron Stewart

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Blakeaa says:
That is truly a sad story. One pretty cool thing is if you go to Pinehurst (where he won that Open) they have a bronze statute just behind the 18th Green with Payne in that pose we all remember so well.
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