17th green from 18th tee box
Bethpage Black Is Going To Be Hard
By Kickntrue on 5/5/09
The USGA Rating and Slope for the longest US Open ever at Bethpage Black this June- 78.2/152.
for the first time at any U.S. open, three par 4s will be longer than 500 yards. Many of the greens are protected by bunkers and rough in the front, so players won't be able to bounce shots onto the greens or recover with bump-and-run approach shots. Nope, golfers will have to attack the Black Course through the air, flying shots all the way to their targets.
I agree with many that a lot of regular Tour stops are getting out of control with toughness, but everyone loves the US Open, where players expect to get beat up.

I think I've played a course at 74.4/145 and that was torture. I've played Bethpage Black, and I still can't even imagine.


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jerdman says:
I can't imagine playing that with U.S. Open rough. I've played 7500 yards but the rough was cut low so it was hardly penalizing. Still was a very long ways. I was surprised to see 7400 is the longest the U.S Open has ever been.
bducharm says:
I really don't want to see bad golf and lots of unpredictable stuff happening! Par should be a good score - not 5 or 6 over.
falcon50driver says:
I overheard a guy trying to simplify an explanation of rating and slope to a beginning golfer, I guess to not confuse them too much. He said the rating was what an average scratch golfer might shoot on that course and the slope was what a generally bogie golfer might expect to shoot. I know, I know, you don't need to send me all the formulas. But I'll bet that's not too far from the truth on this one. I'd be hard pressed to beat 152 from the tips.
falcon50driver says:
A friend of mine, who volunteers for the Houston Shell Open, got some passes to play the course as a gift for his service. I'm invited to join him sometime before September. We're going to play it from the tees the tournament used just to see how bad it really can be. I may or may not post that one.
Kickntrue says:
Oh- you've GOT to post it!!! Just so we can see. Of course- we still can't judge because we don't play the same rough. I think we have over 130 scores on Bethpage Black in oob- but even though are from shorter tees AND not the same rough.
Uncle Rico says:
It is the freaking US OPEN, it is supposed to be hard. It is supposed to test every aspect of your game.
georgelohr says:
So long as they all play the same course...the final score (6 under or 25 over) shouldn't matter. BTW, I bet I could shoot a sub 152 from the tips.
mygs29 says:
That Golf Digest contest is gonna be UGLY! I would guarantee no one in that foursome breaks 100 this year.
TimmyBede says:
This course is more then a fair test for anyone from the middle tees. These pros are going to have there hands the week of the open.
JWHpurist says:
"The Harder The Better". In difficult conditions, "The Good Get Going" and "The Pretenders" fall by the wayside. It should turn out to be a rather stimulating and interesting event! JWHpurist
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