The Importance Of Golf Shoes
By Kickntrue on 5/6/09
The last few times I've golfed I've been with people not wearing golf shoes. They weren't beginners so clearly it seemed like it was a decision made by choice moreso than lack of "needing" them.

The golf shoe market is pretty crazy in general. You can find a pair of sneaker like shoes for $40 or you can spend $350+ if you're feeling crazy. Somewhere in the middle has to be the true "value" of a golf shoe and set of spikes.

While I'd never be confused of being fashion-forward, my wife does seem to think I have pretty good taste in shoes. Here is the pair I'm currently lusting- the Ecco Ultra Performance Hydromax, but I can't get myself to pull the trigger on a $250 shoe.

Where do you guys draw the line on comfort, value and function with golf shoes? Anyone try the sandal golf shoes yet?

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Jattruia says:
I'm a big fan of the Puma stuff, and you can always find deals on eBay.
possingk says:
I have tried the sandals (got them for under $30 on ebay) they are actually very comfortable and I don't feel my feet slipping as much as I would have expected.
Mags says:
I wear Ecco's and after 2 rounds I knew that I would never go back to anything else. They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. I have the Ecco Casual Cool and absolutely love them. I spent $200 on them and I think they are worth every penny.
Eric Duquene says:
I actually just got a pair of DryJoys at Dick's for 79.99 because they were discontinuing the style. Before that I had a cheap pair of off brand and the DryJoys are MUCH more comfortable and I feel like they grip the ground much better. I might have bought them at regular price but I probably wouldnt go above say $140 a pair for shoes. Anything more than that is ridiculous. I would have loved to have a pair of the Adidas 360s but at 250 a pair Adidas can kiss my behind.
iluv5pam says:
My $0.02: If you spend more rounds walking, its worth every penny.
Godesy says:
Sandals are great, have been golfing in them for years but only when the ground is dry.
Mookie says:
FootJoy e-comforts. Good price, most comfortable shows I have. If I had them without the cleats I would wear them to work.
Mandelbaum! says:
I've never owned Ecco golf shoes, but I've had a pair of Ecco boots and casual shoes. By far the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. Two days after I bought a pair of Nike golf shoes, I saw some Eccos on sale and am seriously considering going back to pick them up, too. If for nothing else, a really nice alternate pair.
bducharm says:
I shot 69 last Saturday in tennis shoes....when it is wet, golf shoes definitely haelp. Otherwise, no worries...and yes, FootJoy Classics are the BEST!!!
nickmomrik says:
I bought a pair of FootJoy Reelfit last year for $100 and they are the best pair of golf shoes I've ever owned. I want to buy a few more pair but can't find them in size 14 anywhere for a decent price.
M.Nugent says:
I wear Mizuno Golf Shoes, I love them, much more comfortable than my old Nike shoes
Shankapotamus says:
I walk every round. I have worn many different brands but I am now loyal to Adidas. I was given a pair of Tour 360 IIs and loved them so much I went out and picked up the Tour 360 3.0s. Eric Duquene- They are a bit pricy but not near $250. I picked mine up at a golf discount store for $125 and I think they retail for $179 now. You can get the Tour 360 IIs for under $100 now if you are looking for something less expensive. I agree that FootJoys are comfortable. I just prefer Adidas for comfort + style. I had a bad experience with a pair of Nikes once that have turned me off forever.
Kickntrue says:
I wear the Oakley Bow Tye II. LOVE them. They've outlasted anything I've ever worn previously.
twood says:
just shot 2 over in flip flops
josh_lombardi says:
I wear the footjoy greenjoys. For about 60 bucks its a good deal. I've dropped strokes off my game because i feel more confident in my swing. Golf shoes certainly help.
theredmission says:
Barefoot anyone? I've tried it a round or two, kinda fun...till the old man ranger notices and threatens to kick ya off the course. Gets some nice smiles out of the bev cart chicks though ;)
tgrayj1980 says:
anything over $150 is too much for shoes i only wear golfing.. had some addidas that beat my feet up just picked up a pair of nikes that are very comfortable and only cost $65
Tim Horan says:
You guys wearing flip flops, bare feet and sneakers would not be allowed any where near most golf clubs. Bite shoes make a proper golf sandal if you want to look like a beach bum. If their shoes are anything to go by they will be comfortable and durable.
Les Page says:
I currently have 5 pair, purchased over the last six years. The two oldest are Adidas, they just won't wear out. I purchase discontinued styles, never the latest or greatest, most expensive pair, $70. Big fan of Adidas, longest lasting spike. Also wearing Bite, Callaway and Footjoy. Been happy and comfortable walking every round in all brands. Bought a pair of golf sandals several years ago for a trip to FL. Okay until the bunkers and no good at all for early morning rounds. Left them in FL. Walked on as a single the other day, got paired up with a 73 year old gentleman in tennis shoes. In the bag, an old set of Lynx blades, a Persimmon 3W and a TaylorMade Bubble. He shot a 76. I guess like anything else in golf it is what makes you most comfortable and confident.
georgelohr says:
Footjoy Contour. I walk every round and these things are great!
woobwoob says:
Ecco Casual Cool. I chose them because I didn't want really nice golf shoes, but also didn't want extremely casual golf shoes as well.
rynolinks says:
Golf-specific shoes (with cleats) are necessary: walking around for hours repeatedly torquing and twisting often on slopes is requisite of a high quality cleated shoe, unless of course your golf swing is handsy or slower. I know in Chucktown, SC, it's great to just go out in shorts and flipflops for a summer day of golf with just swinging easy around the course.
mmontisano says:
i don't believe that you can play decent golf in sandals or bare feet. way too much twisting and if you get an up or downhill lie, i can't see how you can have proper traction.
i have a pair of Nike's and they destroy my heels. so no more Nike's in my future. Ecco's are nice and comfortable, but if you buy online, know that they run big so you may have to go down a half to a full shoe size (because i don't think they sell half sizes?).
the best by far that i have worn are Pumas. they have a full spectrum of price ranges, but you can find a quality shoe at $100.
miuwu says:
Been playing in sandals for the past 3 years....nothing more comfortable or cooler!!!!
Mandelbaum! says:
For what it's worth, I just picked up a pair of the Ecco C-Force Hydromax at Dick's Sporting Goods on clearance for $70. MSRP is supposedly around $220. If anybody else is interested...
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