Removing A Broken Cleat
By Kickntrue on 5/7/09
I could've posted this in the forums but figured this may help more than just me to get a good answer. I broke the rubber of my spike off my shoe and can't get the rest of the cleat out. I've tried needle nose pliers. I've tried putting a small screw into the plastic and trying to pull it out. Nothing is working. I took a nice close up picture so people can see what I'm working with. I'm sure others have been there before.

How do you get this out? I've heard of people getting frustrated and just buying new shoes. Sounds like a nice excuse but I refuse to believe that is my best option. I'm working with a "fast twist INSERT SYSTEM" cleat.

** A quick update. ** I did finally get it out- after WAY too much effort. (1 hour last night. 90 min this morning). I tried putting it in hot water... didn't come right out with pliers.

Ended up doing all kinds of crap that probably all worked towards the loosening process but final straw was a small flat head scewdriver digging up enough pastic to get a strong grip with pliers. Then had to pull and twist until it finally started moving. Once I got a little movement- it was easy from there. Keep the suggestions coming!

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Ward says:
I'd attempt some vice grip type needle nose plyers, those can get really strong grip

or use a dremel and try and cut a slot that you can use a flathead screwdriver on
Alan Ellis says:
Use a very, very sharp utility knife and slice it like a 4 or 6 slice pizza. Once you get one of the pieces out with the needlenose, the rest should come out easily.
rynolinks says:
go to a pro shop with complementary spike changes when you buy cleats from them, and they'll do it for you: it could be worth the couple bucks for new spikes to not have to deal with the broken little nub down in there.
woobwoob says:
dip the bottom of your cleat in hot water for about 10 seconds. After that all you need is pliers, it will come right out.
Blakevt says:
I have heard spraying a little wd-40 on the spike helps
terpsno1 says:
I use the screw Driver & pliers approach also - works everytime
PingRhoda says:
if you hava a power drill, grab a small bit and SLOWLY drilly a hole through part of the remaining spike, this should allow enough room to get a needle nose to grip the remaining bit
kidputter says:
The guys who suggested putting a slot in it are on the right track. Cut a groove in the middle and use a straight screwdriver.
JWHpurist says:
Ah So: This is why I only use golf shoes with "old style threaded, screw in spikes". New Age technology has major limitations and is often "Garbage" that is hard to service and maintain. The standard method for removing broken bolts or studs can be used (Center Drill & EZ-out). JWHpurist
sigmapete1 says:
There's a tool you can find at most big golf stores. It looks like a regular spike remover with a big handle, but the handle is hollow and has a screw cap and in the handle is different attachments. One of them is a claw like thing that essentially grabs onto any plastic surface and digs into it as you twist. I had an old pair I thought I'd never get the soft spikes out of and this thing made VERY short work of it. Best $15 I ever spent!
sigmapete1 says:
See above post. Here it is:
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