John Smoltz Wants To Play Pro Golf
By Kickntrue on 5/7/09
Future Hall-of-Famer pitcher John Smoltz is a good enough golfer that he's not shy about saying he wants to play pro golf after baseball. It'd be fun to see him try, though I think it's going to be harder than he thinks. I guess if you're playing 3 times a week and are a + handicapper and can all of a sudden practice 7 days a week...? Who knows.

Of course.. all of this is assuming he's not juiced!
Via Yahoo! Devil Ball Golf

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owenhyne says:
he's a talented athlete. I'm sure that he wouldn't start talking unless he really thinks he can get his card and play on that level. I can't wait to watch him try. Big fan of the Braves '90s pitching staff.
spombert says:
Why not try.... others have tried and failed though. In fact none really even came close.
Matt Otskey says:
We've heard of Smoltz's golf game for years now though. I think he has a shot at the Senior Tour once he turns 50, if he still has that desire.
mjaber says:
I'm surprised more athletes don't try it. I know alot of football players are single-digit handicaps, or even scratch golfers.
JWHpurist says:
I would wish him well and good luck and be quite interested to watch his performance and progress. He should have the mental attitude to handle the challenges of this game. Let's see what happens. JWHpurist
tgrayj1980 says:
smoltz is one of the most talented players in baseball dont doubt for one second that he could do it..
DawgterFeelgood says:
In a recent interview in Golf Magazine (I think that's where it was), Smoltz said that Tiger only gives him 3 strokes a side. I was most impressed that he said if he's going to turn pro he's going to do it the right way and qualify - no sponsors exemptions.
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