Paul Goydos - A Year Later
By Kickntrue on 5/7/09
Remember Paul Goydos and the way he electrified and won over the crowd at last year's Players Championship? Well, a lot has happened since then. Paul is still a loveable loser and part of what makes him that guy is his off-course life, which certainly has not become any easier.
Goydos' ex-wife died in January at age 44, leaving him as the key figure in raising his teenage daughters, Chelsea and Courtney.

Wendy Goydos suffered from severe migraine headaches that eventually required almost weekly hospital visits and strong medications. She began taking crystal methamphetamine, according to a recent Golf Digest story, as a way to combat depression brought on by her medications.

In January, she died after an apparent overdose. Breaking the news to his daughters, Goydos said, was "the worst moment in my life."
These guys make a lot of money playing a game, and even someone like Goydos being a "marginal" player has made millions in his career, but clearly something like this shows it can all be pretty meaningless.

Here's to hoping we'll see Goydos rocking the Dirt Bags hat to the winner's circle soon.

LA Times - Full Story

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SingleDigits says:
Great story. He sounds like a great dad with a balanced approach to life. Paul may very miss the cut this year. He finished +6 in round 1.
JWHpurist says:
I will submit the following: This man should be accorded a high level of respect because he is an example of a "Well Evolved Responsible Gentleman" that has achieved a resonably high level of performance in his chosen profession and is a credit to "This Game"! To refer to him as "A loser" is totally unfair because it does not take into account his "Full Life Performance & Experience." In my eyes and opinion "He Is A Winner"! JWHpurist
Kickntrue says:
Umm.. for the record.. Paul called himself a loveable loser. Maybe it should be in "quotes" but that assessment is all his.
mjaber says:
I can't think of a better final pairing than Paul Goydos and Rocco Mediate for sometime this year.
Trevor Spring says:
If I was able to make a living out there, I think i would be using the term lovable loser with a big smile on the other side of my face.
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