Hockey Stick Putters Rock
By Kickntrue on 5/8/09
I was cruising our forums when I saw this topic about Hockey Stick Putters. I knew instantly I needed one.

Since the days of Happy Gilmore I don't think there is a single man who hasn't wondered if putting with a hockey stick would work. I'm about to find out! I contacted the company and will be getting my new flat stick next week! Perfect timing too - as the Washington Capitals are kicking some NHL butt in the playoffs. I've been Rocking The Red at home and out, but now I'll be able to take it to the golf course!

Seriously- if you're a hardcore hockey fan, even if the thing doesn't putt, I'd think you need one for $105, especially now during the playoffs. I'll be posting a review soon on how it actually works on the course. Then we'll decide if it goes on my wall, or in my golf bag, but I am encouraged. I've emailed a couple times with the creator of the clubs and they are made to play- not just to look at! Every NHL team and even a couple college teams are available.

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Snyper says:
POSER! I happen to know that this writer just happens to be a Detroit fan! I guess he's a little worried about his chances against those Ducks and has decided to jump ship!!! Since I am a TRUE CAPS fan, you should probably just go ahead and give this putter to me!!
Kickntrue says:
Not that I feel I need to defend myself against YOU... but while growing up as a casual hockey fan I did dig Detroit. Now that I live in the DC area I'm a Caps fan. Anyone who has ever moved from the middle of nowhere to a Metro area knows this is bound (and allowed) to happen. I even have my wife watching games with me- it's Cap's fever. I'd think I could pretty easily claim to be a bigger fan than you these days.

Also- the plan (that didn't work out) was for me to show up with the putter tomorrow on the 1st green- making you SOOOOO jealous.
mbills1015 says:
can the two of you get a room... please!
kregan says:
I hate hokey but live and work inside of ground Zero.
kidputter says:
I recently spoke with the creator of these clubs. They are NOT USGA approved, though, because of the square shaft. Great novelty item nontheless
theredmission says:
Caps? Come on dude you know the Wings are going to shoot those Ducks dead.
HotBacon says:
As a hockey player and fan myself, I would think I'd love to have one of these. For some reason though they don't strike my fancy in the least. I'm a hockey equipment ho and a golf equipment ho...but the two need to be separate in my mind.
Godesy says:
what is your point Kregan, that you are a fan of Ballet
jciocco says:
I got one and used it last year, they put well and are fun. I use it when I play in scrambles, usually you end up passing it around, since everyone wants a chance with it.
jbird899 says:
I know this is a golf website but I do believe the Wings are up 3-2 and the Caps are one loss away from making tee times.
kregan says:
My point was that I live near Kickntrue, you have something against ballet?
Mookie says:
Him dance pretty.
ipv6freely says:
Yay, I'm actually kind of honoured that it was my forum post that started it all :)

I'm getting a Maple Leafs one, for obvious reasons. But man... the Caps are kicking some ass! It's too bad the Wings will probably finish off Anaheim tonight, since I don't think Chicago would have any trouble beating Anaheim... but with Detroit it will be close. Chicago vs Washington would make for the best final in many many years!
woobwoob says:
One of the guys I played with Friday had a Dallas Stars version of this putter. He used it as far as 40 yards out in addition to putting. He wasn't the best golfer, but he said that he liked it.

I'll stick with my normal putter.
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